The Hunt for the Panda Key Holder :)

  1. Just my luck. I and my fiance take a short break to NYC two days ago and stopped by at the LV boutique at the Westchester Mall. I try to encourage her to get another LV handbag (I like the PH but she like the bucket and Alma more). But she could not decide and it was pretty late so we are about to leave the store. I was commenting that how hard it is to find a panda key holder IRL to the SA. She told me she have ONE! the last one the store have :wtf:

    I was like :yahoo:. I don't know why I was so excited but still I was and my fiance was shocked when it came up at $150 plus tax :smile: Anyway, I didn't check the package before I left. Once I'm back to Boston, I realize that the SA forgot to give us the dustbag so I have to take another trip to the LV in Copley to get it. The SA at the Copley place was very niec and gave us the dust bag straight away, no trouble at all :yes:

  2. Congrats! Welcom to the club!
  3. Yay! I'm glad you found one :wlae: I bought mine on eBay and paid more, but I didn't mind. It's too cute :P
  4. still LOVE the panda:yahoo:
  5. Love the panda too, it looks hot on any bags!

  6. soooo cute!!!! Congrats!!
  7. yay! welcome to the club!!
  8. Lucky...welcome to the club !!!
  9. My fiance love it. I'm glad that we stopped by at the Weschester mall that day. Now, I really want to get another one for my sister :smile: