The hunt for the Grey [flannel] Bianca's

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Handbag Convert
Dec 15, 2008
Calgary, AB, Canada
Hi Everyone,

I hope you can help me out. I think I've missed the boat for the Grey flannel Bianca's in a 36 or 36.5 and I can't seem to get over it.

So......I'm asking for your help, if you have spotted these shoes in my size, or are planning on returning a pair (although I can't imagine why you would, they are so drool-worthy!) can you let me know via PM or reply?

I've checked Nordies, Neiman, Saks, Barneys, Bob Ellis, The Official CL boutique, Online shops, bergdorf, ebay, online searches and even gone as far as emailing the UK shops and nada.

This is my last resort....if you stumble upon these shoes, think of me and let me know :smile:

Thanks In Advance ;)
Not open for further replies.