The Hunt for Red Mabel!

  1. I have a few questions about the red Mabel that perhaps you lovely ladies could help me with.

    1. Is Mabel a seasonal style? Will it not be around for next season? I don't see it on the website and I'm quite worried that if I don't snatch one up now I'll never get it. Even though my wallet is saying "Wait! Wait a month or so!" :nogood:

    2. Has anyone seen a red Mabel on sale anywhere? There is one at a mall near me but its still regular price. I suppose a sale is a longshot but I thought I'd ask.

    I just love this bag so much!!

    So timeless!

  2. It might have been seasonal, at the very least limited supply. I think they sold out, which is why it is not on the Mulberry site.
    Wish I could be of more help, but everyone is looking for this bag so on sale is unlikely. I think the mini ones went on sale, but not medium and large.

    Who knows, there may be a retailer with this on sale.
  3. I saw a red Mabel at Harrods today but it was not on sale though!
  4. I have a red Mabel and I love it , didn't see it on sale tho but try calling the outlets, you never know!
  5. I'm going to give the outlets a call. Maybe they can help me out. There is one at the mall near me so maybe I should just give in to temptation and get it. That would be so naughty though :sweatdrop:

    Flossie, how versatile do you think the bag is? I have gotten two new bags in as many weeks and if I'm going to go for a third it would have to be the end of me and bags for a good long while.

    Well, a decent long while at least.

  6. Good luck with your hunt - the red Mabel is truly stunning!
  7. The bag is really lovely , I have used it quite a bit already , such a vibrant red too . Looks great with black , denims , cream . Great size and so easy to carry as well as fit on your shoulder . It really is a classy bag .I loved the red out of all the Mabel colours . Sold it yet !!!:tup:
  8. OOh I'm totally sold! I am going to try and wait a couple of weeks first but I want it so badly. Thank you for the description - it sounds like its just what I'm looking for!
  9. See I think it is too wide for under my arm.
    When I did try it on, the salesgirl was weird about me asking to take the stuffing out to see if it flattens out a bit (it was not the Mulberry shop btw).
    I just find a bit too boxy for me...but it is a stunning bag to behold. Especially in the red.

    I saw one at John Lewis Brent Cross the other day, if you are in London. Not on sale though.