The hunt for oak Elgin!!!

  1. Just wondered if anyone knows the whereabouts of an oak elgin to buy.
    My friend has just bought one off eBay and..its a fake!!
    She has been trying the outlets for a while and nothing..
    If anyone knows of one would be glad of your help :smile:
  2. I was looking for one before Christmas but had no joy.
    I would say call around to all the Mulberry shops. Even if they are not in you area, they will still post anywhere in the UK (at least the London shops do).
    Postage is only £7.50 if you do it that way as well.
    It has not gone on sale, so you may find one.
  3. hi there

    when i bought my effie before christmas, i was going between that and the elgin.... and the sales girl told me that both would be out of production before long and if i left it to long, i might not get either - she also said the elgin would not go on sale, but would just go naturally......

    i dont know if there is any truth to this, but a few shops might still have a few about!
  4. Here is what I think happened. When the oak when out of stock, it was gone and they did not make anymore. They did make more of the chocolate because it was showing as COMING SOON on the website and then it was gone. I think they probably supplied pre-orders and just sent what was left over to a few shops. The black was not a mad seller and it is still on their site.

    The plan, it seems to me, was to replace the Elgin with the Mollie. They replaced the Jacquetta with the Elgin, which is why I think this.

    Who knows really, Mulberry are the boss aren't they???
  5. Hi there

    I went to the MUlberry store in Bond Street today and they had the Elgin in black. But it is in black only. They do not have any of the other colours.
  6. Hi
    This is my first message here. :woot:

    I wanted one too but they didn't have it neither here in oak, only black. I tried it on and it fits perfectly.. That's a pity that the black isn't my colour.

    My second choice was oak bayswater, but I ended up to buy new colour called pebble. It is fab!
  7. Tara,try ringing the Mulberry shop on King Street in Manchester,they seem to have access to other stores stock levels,they found Kroquets Annie for me when it seemed like they had all gone!!
  8. welcome to poppies. i dont know your new bag but will look it up now.
  9. Im not sure where to buy but I will keep my eyes peeled for you. I cant honestly remember whether they had any in Canopy a couple of weekends ago, they had loads of oak bags though. If you want to give them a call the phone numbers for their shops are here;

    Poppies, hello and welcome! Never heard the colour pebble mentioned before, would love to see a pic!
  10. Welcome Poppies! Would love to see pebble-pictures:yes:! Is it a Bayswater?
  11. Hello Poppies. Welcome!
  12. :shame:
    Was I really rude to not say "welcome"?

  13. I was rude, too!! So sorry and welcome to the madness!!
  14. The pebble looks really good actually. Is it is the light antiqued leather like the new Mabels?
    Must post piccies!
  15. Poppies!! So sorry I missed your first post sweetie!! Very unlike me!! Welcome to the Mulberry forum and all the madness!! Strap yourself in,the banter gets a bit hectic!!! But I'm sure you'll love it!!! And yes please !! Pics!!!! xxxxxxxx