The hunt for a Chamois Edith begins...

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  1. I called the SA at the California Nordstrom back, but they had already sold out of the chamois Ediths! So if anyone here gets a chamois Edith and decides not to keep it, please PM me! Or it you hear of one available somewhere...I think I want to get the chamois instead of keeping my whiskey since I (hopefully) just sold one of my lighter brown bags. :smile:
  2. ET.. I just sent my chamois Edith back to Saks Connecticut. SA is Lorraine (a sweetie). She will be in on Tuesday... I told her Friday it was on it's way back so she knows about it. I expect it to be back at their store by Tuesday (it was sent back priority mail). It is a very pretty bag. I just decided that since I loved the Whiskey more than the chamois that I would always pull the whiskey out first to use, so having two would be a waste (let others have it who would use it more since they are such a hot bag right now).
  3. I saw some on ebay.
  4. How was the leather on it compared to your whiskey? Did Saks have a waiting list?
  5. Oh this will be fun! I'll be calling some SAs for a more wrinkly whiskey tomorrow, and I'll inquire about chamois' too.
  6. The leather on the chamois was smoother than on the Whiskey (I'm used to the Paddy's so like that about the Whiskey). But I really wasn't noticing if it was wrinkly or not (they both seem smooshy and they both could stand on their own but yet weren't too stiff). On the chamois there was one tiny whiter like mark at the top of the bag. It didn't bother me but I noticed it because I go over bags with a fine tooth comb. But knowing that you were not happy with your black mark, you may not want this either. Anyhow, when I called Lorraine on Friday about sending it right back, I had told her that I didn't want to hold it back from anyone else who she might have on a waiting list and she didn't indicate if she did or not. If you would like me to check with her on Tuesday for you (if you haven't located one by then), I can do that. SAKS NYC called me on Saturday too (I was on the wait list at 2 stores) so it seems they are going down thru their wait lists right now. You might try there (Ndo is very nice). Also, SAKS CT carries Balenciagas (Lorraine sent me both my camel & ink City's). Lorraine's direct # is 203-862-5341. Ndo in NYC is 212-940-2225.
  7. My SA from NM in Atlanta told me they had one or two in the store. I spoke to her this past Friday. Call tomorrow!
  8. Thanks blugenie! I think I am definitely getting hooked on the chamois.

    Goldens, if you want to check with your SA (since I am guessing you will call anyway to make sure your return arrived) that would be awesome! I will take all the help I can get! I like the pebbly leather, too. But the smooshy-ness is more important to me. I really LOVE the bag in the Saks ad. I want mine to look like this!
    Saks Chamois Edith.jpg
  9. ^^I agree, that is TDF!!
  10. Thanks Savannah...I will give them a call tomorrow morning!
  11. The chamois color is a bit lighter than that ad. Ebay Item# 6865106843 (Leshent seller) is pretty much exaclty what the one I had looked like. Yes, I will call her on Tuesday. I can give her a heads up that you will call her (this is funny, but how do I identify you to her other than saying 'ET' will be calling & then she'll think I'm crazy.... I'm obvously new at this PF stuff).
  12. Thanks! I checked out Leshent's auction and the color looks pretty close to the one Jill posted. I wonder if it will darken over time? Or if I could apply the Apple Garde or some other cream to deepen the color a bit. I must be crazy to give up my whiskey, but the chamois is just lovely and I can't justify TWO Ediths!
  13. Nah.. not crazy.. it is just a matter of the color that hits 'you'. For me it was the Whiskey (the chocolate is pretty too) as I probably lean more towards deeper browns then lighter tans. And you're right, my thoughts too were that because Edith is so unique that having two may be overkill on my part (my DH calls me an over-doer). I've heard other PF members here indicate they think it may darken a bit with time. As far as apple guard, I had never heard about that until coming to this forum so I don't know how to answer that but would be interested in knowing too.
  14. ^^I can understand. I'm trying to decide what to do too. I love the Whiskey - but the photo's on here of the Chocolate are really pulling me in. I have one (back)ordered from NM - I don't know where/when it will arrive - but then i'll have to decide.
    The whiskey is so beautiful too - I just can't tell if the chocolate would be more me!
    I really don't need two of these bags - and i'm nervous about returning my whiskey in case i actually don't like the cocoa.

    Okay - i'll shut up now...