The humidity made my bags softer???

  1. It's record breaking HOT here in MA today, and although it's supposedly not humid (brush fire threat), my skin and ... leather??? are feeling humidity.

    I noticed my Marc Jacobs from a few seasons ago, bought in January was oh so soft, and slouchier, and then I felt a newer Paddington that wasn't soft and ooh! So soft! I've been fondling it the past few days and there's a huge overnight difference. My two 2006 not-before-soft Paddingtons are definitely soft now! (My '06 chocolate is just the same.)

    So obviously leather is skin and dryness is bad for bags, but I've never heard about this - how awesome - is this a true phenomenon?

    Go fondle your bags and report back - if you have a hot day where you are, too!
  2. LOL... that's good news then, i love my bags to be softer too!
  3. Are you sure they are not melting??? lol
  4. Humidity/damp isn't great for bags, either.

    They can go.....gasp.....mouldy! :wtf:
  5. I've noticed that LV canvas gets more pliable when it warms up. Leather might start to feel softer, but it also gets softer as it ages.
  6. :yes: I've noticed this w/ my mono bags too! I live where it SOO humid! GROSS! haha