The Human Cost of Fakes: Harper's Bazaar article

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  1. For those with the Jan 2007 issue (with Cameron and Kate on the cover) check out the article and pictures on page 69...they even show fake LV Cerises being assembled :cursing:

    Harper's Bazaar - The Human Cost Of Fakes
  2. That is so sad for the children..:sad:
  3. It's bad enough that people unknowingly pay full price for these fake handbags. These poor children are forced to make them !? What is wrong with the world and why are children victimized so often? It's disgusting. I don't buy fakes and I never will. It just makes me so sick.
  4. Very sad. :sad:

    But, we all need to be aware of the child labour issues and terrible working conditions that surround the fake industry. :yes:

    Thanks for posting. :flowers:
  5. that's really scary when experts have trouble telling apart the real and fake ones...ugh, the fake industry is really just appalling.
  6. That sucks, makes me so angry!!! Thanks for sharing anyway!!!
  7. There must be more to the article that I can't read because I'm not a subscriber. I only can read the first page. :sad:
  8. << But, we all need to be aware of the child labour issues and terrible working conditions that surround the fake industry. :yes: >>

    Well, in all fairness, this is an issue in all third-world country factories, whether they're making fake purses or authentic Nikes. The Wall Street Journal recently had an article about the conditions construction workers in China live in. It was appalling. Construction is booming there but the people making it happen are paid next to nothing, ripped off even on that and live in freezing tenements. There are no OSHA safety standards, which means they work in tennis shoes and buy their own "hard hats" of flimsy plastic for a dollar ...and so on.

    China is also a huge manufacturer of fake meds, which have killed people in other third world countries. So while I'm not saying fake purses are "right," I can't work up a lot of sympathy for the European luxury houses plagued by it.
  9. It's a great article! I'm glad to see the issue of counterfeits getting more exposure.
  10. the problem is, this is considered a normal job i think for people in china. school costs money, and many families cannot afford to send their kids to school. most children at a certain age decide to find work because they can't go to school so they help out their families by working. while i don't support fakes, and never will i feel sorry that they have to work in these horrible conditions but they really do not have much choice. see there will always be people who will buy fakes there will always be a market and counterfeits will always be made. sad but that's the reality.
  11. I totally agree. :yes:

    "Legitimate" companies also outsource to manufacturers that have poor labor practices.
  12. Thanks for posting the article. It's simply appalling how harsh conditions on for not only children but adults in many parts of the world. We are all so blessed in comparison to so many.
  13. I read this article as well..I really hope more people read this..not just those of us who already know the cost of fakes.
    Also, last year's February issue had an in depth article like this about fakes.
  14. This is appauling, child labor desparately has to stop.
  15. Bazaar has articles on fakes every January. I've been subscribing for a few years now and I've noticed this. Very interesting. Have to say I've learned quite a bit since reading those.