The HUDSON club please join!

  1. Originally Posted by gingarita [​IMG] this bag is gorgeous! i need to find one!!! i am down to two brownish ones the military and the brown/brown hudsons i feel they are very much alike but can't choose which one to part with...opinions?
    also still searching for chestnut hudson full leather!

    Hi everyone, yes still trying to decide but both are great I am not
    going to part with one of them til I am SURE and
    still would love the chestnut maybe I can trade one of them
    I am thinking that the brown/brown is going to be the winner

    meantime I have been crazy with bbags and prada and need to keep
    up with what is happening here on mj there might be something I desperately need and don't know it!!

    SOO any new hudsons here? stripers? anyone sold theirs?
    amazing how our collections keep changing

    happy summer everyone
  2. So wonderful to hear from you, ginger!! We miss you here - come back!!

    On the personal Hudson front, I recently parted with my black with brown stripes Huddy..... I never carried it because like others, I found it to be a bit too heavy with the canvas lining. she went to a very happy new home, so that makes me very happy! I would entertain having a Hudson again if I were to ever be able to find either a leather lined Military or Teal one....... Ha ha.... The proverbial "hen's teeth!"
  3. ohmygosh i hope one of us got that gorgeous bag ....of all times for me to be away!
    i am still debating which of my two to keep

    HOW is everyone? any new stripers in your family?
  4. I was wondering where the heck you've been, Gingarita! So great to see you again! I still have my Chestnut and Black striping beauties in tow.:smile::smile::smile:
    I am trying to keep this thread alive we need to LOVE our stripers again/still do you think your canvas lined one was heavier than the three leather lined ones? does anyone know the exact difference in weight of these?
    as for military I am still on the fence....
    HOWEVER I am patiently waiting to hear if I have a new brown striper trish from a DEAR tpf'er ....
    if i sell some other mj's that I don't wear I can try for one of the chestnuts on evilbay
    even though heavy these are still SCRUMPTOUS bags and I don't think marc will ever have a better bag.....

    so ladies any recent pix of yourselves with your hudsons?????:yahoo:
  6. Stripers and hudson lovers wake up lol:woohoo::yahoo:
  7. I'm becoming a member... Just waiting for my striping hudson to arrive. it's taken 2 weeks so far :sad:
  8. welcome!!!! dare anyone make you suffer and wait that long!???
    lol hope monday you get your baby and please show us pix right away!
    by the way what color did you get???
  9. ohmygosh how can i forget to announce that i received my first TRISH! thanks to a wonderful tpf'er emmy!
    :yahoo: pix to come! i had no idea how GORGEOUS trish is!!!:nuts:
  10. HUGE congrats!!!! Can't wait to see her!! :woohoo:
  11. isn't that 'military'?? chile had taupe stripes and brown has tan
  12. Isn't that military? :nuts: I want!!
  13. Jinx junie!! :ghi5: