The How-To Guide for the twilly (As promise)

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  1. Ok guys, as some of the fellow tdfers requests, I am started a thread to show you how to wear or tie a twilly in step by step.As English is not my mother tongue so if you don't understand any part, please do ask.And also if you have a creative way to wear or tie a twilly and like to contribute, you are most welcome.:yes:

    lesson 1- twilly as wristband

    1. Use one hand to hold one end of twilly and use the other hand pull the twilly across the wrist as the picture shown

    2.Keep wrapping the twilly around your wrist until get to the end of twilly

    3.Hold the root of both ends of twilly then make a twist

    4.Use your index finger to tuck one end of twillly back to make a knot.

    5.Pull both ends tight.

    6.This is how the result looks like.
  2. [​IMG]
    7.If you prefer the clean look, tuck both ends of twilly in.

    8.See the result,if you don't like how it looks just redo it until you sastify;)
  3. Looks great!!
  4. More more more.......!!
  5. Cool! Thanks for the great step-by-step photos!
  6. ooh this is great, thanks Duncan. I have the same twilly and am always wondering what to do with it.
  7. Excellent step-by-step instruction! Looks super on you.
  8. Love the wrist tip, thanks!
  9. So clear and precise! Thank you!
  10. I love the step by step!! I always need visual aids, so I really appreciate this :tup:
  11. Well done, duncan_. Thanks. :smile:
  12. Thanks, Duncan. Really appreciate your effort!
  13. GREAT step by step!! Keep em coming!
  14. Thank you!<saving pics>
  15. GREAT&#65281;&#65374;&#65374;CLEAN AND WELL LOOKED AFTER HANDS ARE ALWAYS A PLUS:tup::tup::tup:

    NOW.we just have to wait for the part 2, part 3....part 4...and so on ......:wlae:

    i can't wait for the necktie HOW TO series~~~~