The Houston real estate scene: A trendsetter

  1. :hysteric: As is seen in most urban centers, Houston is a growing city. With little lung space in the city, the alternative seen by a majority of the architects is to allow the city to grow upwards. With increasing number of people moving to the cities in Texas, there is an increasing strain on the natural resources and the open space in the cities.
    On the other hand, lack of proper living space was another ticklish issue. While the rich, the affluent and the landowners could afford the high costs involved in purchasing and owning an apartment, the middle class people with little money to save and invest have been forced to live off in shanties and one-room apartments. Not only that, the high rentals forced much of the brightest brains to either move out of the city to cheaper destinations or shift to the rural areas.
    The alliance of the various non-governmental organizations, which dared to come together under one roof to discuss and debate the problems being faced in the real estate scene in Texas, resulted in the creation of a watchdog to fight for the rights of the common man.
    The brain behind this watchdog is Dick Weekley, more prominently known for his investigations into the sources of the funds for the political campaigns in the Presidential, local and state elections. The sincere efforts by this tireless campaigner, has ensured a better deal to the people of Texas. His efforts totally altered the real estate scene in the Houston region. :girlsigh:
  2. Totally without a doubt:confused1: