The Hottie and the Nottie - Paris Hilton

  1. I heard it opened this weekend only making $25,000. Has a movie ever opened so low? I bet even Jessica Simpson opened with more. I guess its straight to DVD.
  2. sounds about right. The movie sounded so stupid. perfect for Paris

    Paris was horrible doing a REALITY SHOW, what made her think she could act?

    that deserves a huge: ROFLMAO
  3. The trailer is so dumb, no wonder no one went to see it. First of all, the nottie is just way too ugly, she's a parody of an ugly-chick. And though Paris has an awesome bod, the previews just show her jogging on the beach with her hair pulled back, and her neck and the shape of her head...:throwup:

    The trailer should have showed Paris looking hot, and the nottie not looking so horrible. Hey, if Meet the Spartans had a decent opening, this one should have been a blockbuster.:shrugs:
  4. I'm surprised it even made that much... :sweatdrop:
  5. I'd rather watch her get stabbed in the head.

    (I don't even want to see House of Wax, I just want to see that part over and over again.)
  6. Yeah, the trailer pretty much put me to sleep. Paris is pretty but she's not THAT amazingly gorgeous. And the "Nottie" just showed exactly how low-budget this film was. If I was Paris, I would try to get smaller parts in bigger movies instead of desperately wanting to be in the lead.
  7. Repo! sounds interesting. Especially since Paul Sorvino and Anthony Stewart Head are in it.

    paris, not so much. I saw the preview and while it's the correct notes, she still sounds like an American Idol reject.
  8. No film can be good if Paris is in it.. :lol:
  9. lol I never even saw the trailer.
  10. :woohoo:way to go have yet once again embarrassed AWAY FOR GOOD!:p
  11. I never saw one single preview for this movie on tv.

  12. :lol: You guys are hilarious!
  13. Yes she would make tons more money if she had a movie that was titled "The Naughty Hottie" wait didn't she already make a movie like that oh well. She should be more concerned & focused about setting an example for her younger brother and all the little girls who look up to her.. like that will happen.
  14. You see the great singers in Repo! and then you see her and it's like, "What's SHE doing there!?!? She doesn't belong in this movie!"