The Hottest Bracelet! Perfect For S/s!!

  1. do you see it? :drool: Do you love it? :nuts:


    I KNOW YOU DO! :yahoo: But where is it?

    I mean, i was going to call my SA but i didnt wanna feel like an idiot if she didnt know what i was talking about! Maybe LV used bracelets from someone else? (I HIGHLY DOUBT!)... but, Ive googled/yahooed/and askedJeeves for "LV FISH" "LV FISH BRACELETS" "LV ACCESSORIES S/S 2008" but regrettably all i get are a bunch of fakes offering tiffany bracelets hermes birkins and mirror quality Louis Vuittons. :throwup:

    has anyone an idea if they are going to be produced?! I HOPE SO; They are perfect for a guy or a girl!! AND THEYRE JUST TOO CUTE TO NOT PRODUCE!

  2. When you find out, tell me please, I want one! LOL!
  3. It's so cute!

    Haha you have sharp eyes! :graucho:
  4. That's so funny- I just thought they were trim dodads hanging from the sleeves :p I'm a bit ambivalent about it at the moment though- I like the idea of it but can't imagine myself wearing it.

    However I am very interested in that mega-trotteur :drool:
  5. :upsidedown: Thanks madaddie!!!

    and dont worry Scott, Ill let you know too!
  6. Why would you feel like an idiot if they didn't have it? Lol I always ask about things that I see, well I want it so I don't see a problem with asking about it! So what if he/she doesn't know what you are talking about? I find that I know more than a lot of SAs a lot of the times!

    I asked a SA (not my usual SA) about when the LV heart coin purse was coming out and she said "ohh thats last year sorry" and i'm like "no, actually its being released in January and I already talked to (my SAs name here) about it and he confirmed that it is coming out!" Then shes just like "ohh then you will have to talk to (my SAs name) about it!" I get so mad sometimes when I deal with other SAs...Thank god I have a good SA! He's really quite amazing, I swear he knows every single item that will be coming out and all the release dates, colors, etc., hes just phenomenal!
  7. :nogood: no no theyre actually bracelets! but i get what youre saying. all-in-all it could just be a cool CONCEPT and not work out at all.

    BUT I STILL LOVE THEM :girlsigh:

    and that mega trotteur is :drool::drool:
  8. Yeah, i do find myself knowing more! you tPF-ers keep us all up to date! Honestly, the reason why i felt a little [ehh] about asking was because if its not coming out, they kinda make you feel stupid about it. (im talking about the SA's in Bal Harbour. They all have their heads so far up their butts just cause they work at LV, its incredible.) I wish i had a good SA. The one im dealing with mostly now is the one in Dadeland Mall, Her name is Juliett. Shes VERY nice. hopefully she becomes my PERMANENT one. LOL i hate skipping around :rolleyes:

    ps. youre very lucky to have such a great SA! if i move to canada ;) ill ask for his name!
  9. i saw them when these photos first came out in July. i quite like the idea, but i kinda prefer just one fish instead of three dangling on a bracelet. a pendant would even be better :yes:
  10. i WAN all the bags... anyone knows when thye are coming out? i am planning ot get the WICHITA but if these new bags are coming soon.. i iwll hold off till then...:yes::tup:
  11. it's cute!! haha i used to have a fish necklace like was so cool but i kept wearing it as I got older and my mom just told me it was tacky :sad: But i LVOE this bracelet!! its definitely better on the wrist as opposed to my old fish necklace as its so much more stylish that way. anyone know the price?
  12. :idea:A PENDANT WOULD BE GENIUS!!!!!! :supacool:

    did you notice the pretty gray and the goldish/brownish????
    the color variation really makes me think that theyre gonna make themmm!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  13. god knows if its even available :push:
    but i... erm, WE ALL WANT IT! hahaha!
  14. i think they would be either silvery or golden metal articulated fish. there's a golden cuff with a crest too - not too sure about that. keep praying to the LV gods that the fishes would make it to the production line.
  15. :tender: if thats what it takes!

    and then when you and i get em we can :drinkup:PARTY!

    lolol! happy new year dd!!