The horror story that proved why patent leather is awesome...

  1. So every morning before work, I do PT (physical training). I shower, and then DH drops me off at my office. I get to my office this wonderful Friday morning (my 12th day in a row working), leisurely go to pull out my mini skinny with my ID card in there so I can sign onto the computer...and water splashes on me. WTF????? I say...and then I pull out my water bottle. It was full when I left the facility...and now it was empty!!! OMG!!!!!
    So I look inside and there were at least 2 inches of standing water inside my bag!!!!!

    I run inside the bathroom and dump all the water out into the sink, along with all my stuff.


    Then I realize....the bag lining? DRY!!! It was like water running off a duck's back. In fact, more s tuff inside my bag was soaked than the bag itself. And the bag? Totally fine! In fact, it is the driest thing I have right now! I was so amazed.

    BTW, I was carrying my ergo patent hobo. So for anybody who was wondering about the pros and cons of patent bags...well I would say that spilling a whole 20 oz bottle of water inside your bag and not having it get damaged, is a HUGE PRO:yes:

  2. WOW! That most definitely is a huge PRO!!:tup:
    (And that's a definite + for needing your ID card to sign into the computer! Otherwise who knows how long the water would have sat in your bag?)
  3. Wow, did you get lucky!!
  4. It wouldn't have sat in there for too long, I always get my water bottle out because I stopped drinking coffee in the morning months ago. So the water is kind of a habit ...but I was amazed that I had no idea the whole time I walked out of the shower, down the stairs, into the car, and all the way over to my office!
  5. Great story! I hope your accessories weren't casualities?
  6. wow great purse!!...anything else in there get messed up??
  7. no I have a little Chanel lipgloss case that got soaked, but it's a hard case covered in fabric so once the fabric dries it will be okay...
    and hmmm my headgear got soaked but our uniforms can withstand anything so it just needs to dry out. My wristlets of the day were my patent one which didn't even get harmed (thank goodness, it was a present!) and my ergo wristlet, which is also fine. I did have some papers in there that got soaked but they were just for reference and not anything getting sent anywhere.
  8. Yikes......thats a bad story gone good, a nice change for you huh C! Now I think I may want a patent a little more now:sweatdrop:
  9. ^ LOL!!!!! Yeah, Kimmie...whew. Cept I think I'd rather ruin a $450 bag than have my other problems...ya know? :wacko:

    But I'll take it! My luck should be on the upswing now!

    And yes, you NEED a patent bag. You don't have any patent yet? I find that hard to believe...
  10. :nogood:Nope no patent for me at the moment. As a matter of fact I'd say I've gotten rid of atleast half of my collection that you've seen. I still have my very favorites but sold quite of few for other reasons.:wlae:
  11. Wow, that is awesome ! I was thinking I am scared of white bags but I may get a white patent one because it seems easy to clean. They had the white patent ergo hobos at the outlet when I went but it was still pricey and I didn't have the money or credit at the time (still don't) but I am thinking of maybe a tote. That is great to know that your bag didn't get ruined !!!
  12. Awesome!!! I know I said I can probably have two bags in the future - one if I get hired at this job permanently, and the other when I get promoted to SGT...but I'm thinking I may just have to save up for one. And I REALLYreallyreallyreally want the new damier neverfull that LV is coming out with :wtf: I have til May :idea: and then I can get it.

  13. If white leather scares you, at least white patent would be a lot easier to take care of!!! Seriously!!!! It's idiot-proof! Hopefully you can get one in the near future :girlsigh:
  14. I have a question.....

    I understand that the patent is dry... But is the lining dry too? I wonder if Coach water proofed the lining too???

  15. Yup! Dry! I don't know why, but yep!