The Horror!!! 5 inch long blue ink stain on my Cream Guccissima!!! Help! **PICS**

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  1. :sos:OMG!!! Look at the 5 inch long pen slash mark on my Peggy's Ivory Guccissima!!! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it, I don't even know how it happened! I'm trying very hard not to panic, but if I don't get it out, the bag's ruined! Please, anybody have any ADVICE?

    I've tried the Magic Eraser, it nearly took the leather finish off, bad idea. Now I'm experimenting with Amodex Ink Remover based off another TPF'ers advice. I'm seriously scared! :crybaby:


  2. Take it to Gucci...
  3. Ohhh NOOOOOOO!! im so sorry that happened to you ^^ yes take it to gucci and see what they suggest. Beautiful bag btw. If worse comes to worse, you could also carry the bag pen side in :confused1:
  4. :cry: Oh NOOOOOOOOO! Yes, take it to Gucci NOW! If the ink settles, there is nothing you can do.
  5. Ohhh noooooo!! Straight to gucci girl do not do anything else to it.........:sos:
  6. Did you end up taking it to Gucci?
  7. YIKES!!! Please tell us how this turns out!
  8. Just called Gucci Beverly Hills, SA recommended Arturo's Shoe Fix located on Little Santa Monica & Roxbury. Will be taking it in! I'll post "After" pictures for you all.

    By the way, Amodex took out some of the ink. Re: Magic Eraser, stay away from it as if it were like the plague! It took off the top layer of the leather! I almost fainted a second time!
  9. Oops, forgot to add, SA said that she herself took one of her bags in, and the removed a HUGE black oil stain from her Gucci leather. So there's a bit of hope there for me...
  10. I've tried hair spray on my leather bag. It work but for a small spot. Hope they get it out for you...
  11. I'm so sorry that happened. Good luck, I hope they can remove it.
  12. oh, no! good luck!
  13. Any updates? I'm curious to see how this panned out.
  14. That's terrible. I'm so sorry that happened to you! This is why I don't take my Gucci bags to school. Because that is where one of my Coach bags got ruined- someone, somewhere, dropped a sharpie on the floor and I got a big black swipe mark on the bottom corner :sad:

    I hope Gucci can do something for you... that's awful. Such a beautiful bag.
  15. *fingers crossed fingers crossed*