the homeless olsen

  1. That's what I don't understand either. Maybe she wants to "blend in" with the crowd? But then not too many people dress like, really no crowd there...

    She would wear something as ugly as that sweater and add "Look at me! I'm a star" sunglasses. I don't get it!
  2. sad,isn't it? And the fact that a gazillion teenagers now worship this "style" is even sadder:lol: .

    Seriously though...I have had a few friends who were anorexic when we were teenagers,and they always wore oversized garb like that.Stops the You're too skinny comments.
  3. I think these stick thin girls like to put on oversized clothing and carry these enormous bags so that they look even skinnier.
  4. I have to say.....:sick: :sick: :sick:
  5. yes, they look so tiny with those oversized things....
    and the worst thing is that that "jacket" 's brand is Chloe....i didn't imagine chloe made sooo ugly jackets!
  6. I think it's just to attract attention. It's working that's for sure...
  7. I wouldn't say that Ashley has the same style as Mary-Kate. To me it feels like Mary-Kate puts on everything, but Ashley is more elegant and glamorous.
  8. hey, i found other sparkling homeless-people looks....
    (the balenciaga can't save the whole outfit...sorry!)

  9. MK's glasses are huge on her! And she's such a pretty girl. I have no clue why they dress this way. On a positive, at least they have their own style?!?
  10. I really respect their fashion sense. It's their own and it's unique. They make it work and I love it.
  11. it is sure odd... On the first page photos, in the oversized clothes, it almost makes her look older and a litte crazy, huh?

    But the ones that Mischa added (thank you) it seems like she keeps with the style so this is just her. Telylie said, maybe she is doing it for attention.

    And what's with the one leg hiked up?
  12. :weird:
  13. i'm in the odd, i think she rocks her own style. like Sina i think she pulls it off. i know i couldn't.