The Holy Grail.

  1. OK, You can have ONE Hermes Bag...strictly one only......but there is no budget restriction......tell me what you would get - what is your holy grail hermes???

    Mine (predictable)....Kelly, 28, porosus crocodile, beige-rose, gold h/w with pave-set pink diamond clasp.(although I'd be just as happy minus the diamonds, too!).:love:
  2. boy that is a hard one ! do you say bag or item? if it is any hermès item i take the 51% stock options of Hermès :P

    if it is a bag well it is a 30cm white croc birkin with white gold diamond hardware and since i can only have one bag make it black stitching (so that at least i have my two signature colours incorporated)
  3. ^^Oh that's sound heavenly, Kristie! :love: and I would die if I saw the bag you described, Lilach! :yahoo:

    Mine would be a 35cm Birkin, porosus croc, blue jean with PH *sigh*
  4. croc is going to be popular in this thread!!

    I love bj in croc, May.......I like it in croc better than any other leather in bj, actually!!

    God, I'd love white croc, but I'm only allowed one Holy Grail....ugh!!!!!
  5. :roflmfao: :graucho:
  6. royal blue croc birkin 30 with gold diamond hardware. Stunning.
  7. Vintage sac mallette with jewelry case in porosus.
  8. I think I would pick a 28cm Chocolate Ostrich Kelly with palladium hardware set with diamonds.
  9. I've already waitlist for the holy grail. Black croc diamond birkin.

    ugghh...since ^^ on the waitlist, can i have another holy grail not on the waitlist? silver porosus croc birkin with yellow and white diamond hardware.
  10. Beige Rose Kelly 28!
  11. Mmmh....probably 32 cm Kelly, rigide, bj croc with Palladium..:love:
  12. 35 cm rigide Kelly, black croc with gold classic.
  13. Woohoo!!! Another person who wants a diamond in a KELLY!!!!!:yahoo: Okay, here's mine:

    BABY ROSE POROSUS CROCODILE RIGIDE KELLY 28cm with Rose Gold Hardware and Pave-set Pink Diamonds with FUCHSIA Stitching:nuts: . I think the Kelly will probably be matte croc.:yes: I've started to save up for this already, thinking of getting this as my 40 or 45 birthday present:lol:
  14. If I could only have one ever I would go with a 30cm Black box Kelly with gold hardware. :love:

    i'd love a black croc 35cm Birkin with diamond hardware and white contrast stitching:tender:!