The hologram?

  1. Being new to loving Chanel, can someone explain the hologram?:wacko:
  2. I don't know about old items, but in the ones I have bought the last couple of years the serial number is covered in a clear film that has a glittery look to it, has Chanel written on the sides, has the CC symbol in gold on it, has an perforation in the shape of X through the middle and has usually been in an obscure location at the bottom of the bag not the top. Those are lil details I noticed that fakes often do not cover.
  3. The hologram can also tell you the age of the bag. For example, if the number starts with a 9XXXXXX or 10XXXXXX, its from the 2005 - 2006 collection. If it has a 8XXXXXX or 9XXXXXX, its from the 2005-2004 collection, etc.........
  4. good info...I never knew that!!! thanks
  5. Pre 1990's vintage Chanels do not have the hologram.