The holiday

  1. i am just a major sucker for chickflicks and i wonder if anybody else is as excited as i am about this movie!
    i think it's gonna be a great movie and esp for xmas!!!!!
    stars:Major hottie jude law,cameron diaz,jack black,kate winslet
  2. I really want to see this also! It has a good cast!
  3. I just can't see Kate and Jack together in a a couple.
  4. me neither..she's kinda too sweet for him?and he's the goofy type i guess..=p
  5. ^But they're both great!! So it should be fun to watch the dynamics between them.
  6. I loved this movie...much better than I thought it would be. I thought it was great and boy did Jude Law look extra hot!! I really like Jack Black too...he's so funny and cuddly! Did anyone else think the jewelry was really pretty? Someone stated it wouldn't be a movie to take your boyfriend to....any thoughts on that?
  7. I just seen it and loved it! Jude Law is a total hottie!!!
  8. Not a huge fan of Cameron Diaz!!!!
  9. I loved this movie - my friend, who watched it with me, kept rolling his eyes when the "movie announcer" voiceover would come on. I still thought the movie was cute!
  10. Oh I haven't seen this yet, but I can't wait to!!!:yahoo:
  11. lol I think so, my bf would never watch this kind of movie anyway. I went with 2 of my girlfriends. Loved the movie, although Jack Black seemed awkward playing that role in some scenes.
  12. Just saw this last night with two friends. It was so much better than I thought it was going to be. It was definitely a fun girls night out movie. Jude Law was absolutely TDF!!!!
  13. I've been wanting to see this! My friend and I are planning on checking it out today and I'm excited!
  14. I saw it yesterday with my Mom. Very cute. Totally made me forget that Jude Law is a skeezball in real life.
  15. it was a good chick flick but I am not sure if its a good film in general. Not nearly as good as SOMETHINGS GOTTA GIVE.

    And yes, the jewelry is excellent in the film