The Hogans

  1. Has anyone ever caught this show? I just saw the episode on their 22nd anniversary and all I have to say is, I love The Hulk more than I did when I was little. He is such a sweet man, and he treats his wife and kids so good!
  2. I have it TiVoed and watch it sometimes. They're an odd family and it's fun to see what they all do together. Like that Hercules movie ehehe
  3. ^^ Yeah, I've watched it a few times. I was a serious Hulkamaniac as a kid, and its nice to see that he's basically a decent guy under all that muscle.
  4. haha ya that show is really funny. I caught a few episodes, he is a super super over protective daddy
  5. i think it's amusing. i love hulk and his wife. his kids kind of bug me and i think the double standard he applies in dealing with them is very interesting. i'm sure some of that is editing, but when it comes to reality tv i feel like in order to edit it that way it had to happen to some degree.

    i love the episode where he lo jacks brookes car on a date! :smile:
  6. I like the show. Hulk and his wife seem to be really caring and responsible parents. Plus the realtionship between Hulk and his wife is really sweet!
  7. I am bothered by the amount of make-up Linda is so intense! Tons of black eyeliner, mascara, coral lips and cheeks...I'd love to see her toned down a bit.....anyone agree?
  8. Yeah, the tan as well. No doubt shes a beautiful lady but she just needs to ease up. I hope Brooke doesnt become the same way.
  9. Many things bother me about this show...
  10. I find that show to painful to watch. :Push:
  11. I think it's quite cute. Both Brooke and her mother are beautiful women, but they look older than their age, with all that make-up on. When I first watched the show, I thought Brooke was 20/25, but she's just 18 :O
  12. Brooke always look so 'cheap" like she's always trying to copy paris hilton = not a look ANYONE should try and copy!. it's such a shame cos brooke seems sweet!
  13. I catch teh show sometimes. . . I'm sort of a reality TV junkie.
    I think the whole fam damily needs to stay out of the sun and step away from the bleach! LOL!
    I'm glad he's not my dad, he's pretty unfair to Brooke IMO. Her bro is 3 yrs younger and has FAR more freedom than she does.
  14. i agree! espically the episode i think it was last season when Brooke wanted some alone time and went to their beach house and Hulk kept spying on her and then flipped out when he found that she had birth control... with all the time that he spends controling her i'm sure he'd notice if she had a guy around! lol
  15. I started watching them last year. I was surprised to see how protective and strict he was with his family! I think they are an awesome family!

    My hubby and I just watched it the other night. I love that he is so involved with both his children. And that he does put his foot down, it is not common to see that with celebrities that have lots of money and fame!

    I also love how close the family is. They are so supportive. Did you see the one where he was invited back to wrestle? The commentary at the end by his family made me cry! I love them!

    I also loved Meet the Barkers. Again, another surprise, I didn't expect a Rocker to be so sensitive, romantic and sweet! :smile: I'm a sucker for reality tv!