the hobo is available in which colors?

  1. Totally fell in love with the GGH hobos when I was buying my cafe PT at BalNY. Do we know what colors the hobo comes in?
  2. is it the case that whatever colors are coming out for a particular season, all the styles will be available in those colors?
  3. Are you looking for the Day bag or the new Hobo?
  4. the new giant hobo..:heart::love:
  5. I'm pretty sure it's available in all, or at least most colors.
  6. What color are you looking for? i have seen it in Black, White, Red, Aqua, Sandstone, Anthracite, and Mastic. I am not sure if this style comes in, in every color but it might with some colors. ICB where are you? we need your experties in here.:p
  7. i've seen it in marine also...
  8. Is that the color you are looking for?
  9. not sure! i just saw the style yesterday and now im thinking i want to see all the available colors before i can really tell which one i want :yes: the marine was reallyyyyy gorgeous though...
  10. are you looking for GGH or SGH?
  11. GGH for sure. love the gold!
  12. Here is the Day and Hobo side by side. Are you sure the Marine was in Hobo and not the Day?
    img0445afu5.jpg Foto0071.jpg
  13. haha, yes actually, i'm positive. i was at balny and saw the hobo, gasped and asked terry to bring out all the colors she had in the hobo. she brought out a few, one of them being marine. ugh, it was TDF.
  14. You could probably go to the reference area and look for threads that might have the hobo style. Just type in "hobo" in "search this forum" and some particular threads might come up. I checked for the "hobo club" or "hobo style" and they didn't have any dedicated threads.... unless I'm overlooking it, which is possible since its 1:30am and i'm freaking tired. LOL
  15. I have Plomb GSH. I saw marine GGH, and I fell in love with it but i felt it was bit too blingy. It is gorgeous. Last I asked abt a month ago, they have 3 left in BalNY.