The historycal speedy 35 models, please comments!!!

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  1. I love speedy 35, this size for me is perfect, so i ant, with your helps, to remember all the models in this format during the history of LV. Thanks!!!!

    I remember these models:

    - Speedy 35 MONOGRAM
    - Speedy 35 DAMIER EBONE (I have)
    - Speedy 35 DAMIER AZUR (I have)
    - Speedy 35 WATERCOLOR WHITE
    - Speedy 35 WATERCOLOR BROWN
    - Speedy 35 MIROIR SILVER
    - Speedy 35 MIROIR GOLD

    Do you rimember other models?
    What models have you?
    What models do you want LV makes in future?
  2. Mini lin speedy
  3. Epi Speedy 35 in several colors, now discontinued.
  4. Only came in a speedy 30
  5. Mini Lin was a 30. I asked for a SO 35, and they wouldn't do it.

  6. I have a 35 mono. I wish they would do a vernis speedy 35 with NO vachetta in rose pop!
  7. YES!! I'd buy that!

    My 35 is the Monogramouflage Speedy...
  8. You can get the Mon Monogram in 35....
  9. i don't like mon monogram collection
  10. I don't think the Mini Lin Speedy was available in size 35 or 25. Only size 30.
  11. yes, only size 30