The History of Whoo oil cleansing balm

  1. Thank you Gilliana and Hotshot, I can't wait to try it :smile:!!!!

    I love my washcloth, and haven't taken a shower without using it for over a year now, and my skin is super soft and happy! I use the Japanese version, the Salux cloth (but a friend of mine who lived in Seoul told me they were the same), which can easily be purchased online, with super fast shipping. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post a link to the store where I buy mine? If anyone is interested, I'm happy to PM you the link - I have no interest whatsoever in doing so, just to share a product I like and happy to refer a place with amazing CS :smile:

    Gilliana, your sister and her friend are in for a treat!!!! I love the AP spa, and it's now the only place I would get a facial (that and at Sulwhasoo at Bergdoff Goodman when they have events), and so it doesn't happen too often - they give you a discount for your birthday, which is nice, and there are coupons sometimes on Gilt City, and that's basically when I go. Tell them to ask for Sylvya to take care of them if possible, she is amazing!!!!!!!!!!

    Xoespresso, I hear you, I too have normal/combo skin. I have found that with my Korean skin care, I don't need to slather on as much product as with western cosmetics for proper moisturization, a little really goes a long way. In summer I also switch to the AP Time Response gel creme, instead of the creme I use in winter (I'm in NYC too, to inthe winter I'm happy to get all the moisturization and protection I can get!). It really makes a huge difference.
  2. I think the oil balm cleanser will work on all skin types since you wash it off. I am so hooked on it and find I massage my face more which probably helps circulation on giving it a glow. I would love to buy the jar massage mask that comes with the rosewood massage tool- just so I can use the tool and do a proper massage. I recently bought a Asian skin care book that gives you great information on taking care of your skin and massage techniques. I need to read it this week since I just glanced thought it. I also ordered those Japanese washcloths and was impressed that they come in the large size that you can scrub your back with. I think my hubby will love them too. I have tried to teach my kids how important it is to take care of your skin and my daughter is loving all the things I give her. She thought the Sulwhasoo honey peel off mask was great. I have one on right now. I bought some of those white. Loth masks from DHC but haven't tried it yet. I do find I am spending more time on my skin routines and to me it shows. I think The History of Whoo products have made more of. Difference for my skin then Sulwhasoo but I still use. Oth brands. I have to use up my Sulwhasso products and then think I will only use Whoo products.

    Has anyone tried their makeup? Since the skin 79 bb creams and powder work so well for me I am sticking to them for now but thought the Whoo makeup might make nice gifts for people who are impossible to buy from but now love Korean brands.
  3. The Whoo massage mask is fabulous.... you put it on in the evening after

    cleansing & serum, use the tool massage it in sleep in it & your skin is

    just glorious in the morning...

    I use it once or twice a week.. there is a new version now in the jar

    but the individual masks that some sellers have on eBay are fine..
  4. Neo, would you mind pm'ing me where you get the washcloths? I'm always curious about new sources of Asian cosmetics and beauty supplies :smile:

    And I agree about the time response gel cream - it has been my go-to this summer with all the heat and humidity weve been having! I'm thinking about trying the regular cream as we go into fall/winter, but a bit worried about whether it'll be too rich... I feel like I got lucky in my teens with not-too-difficult skin, and am now paying for it by having all sorts of sensitivities in my twenties >.<
  5. I just typed in Salux washcloth in eBay and bought mine from a seller there. They had a lot of people selling them. I can't wait to get mine.

    I received a few more Whoo items today and hope to try them all this week. If someone would have told me that this line of skincare could have improved my skin in such a short time I would never have believed it. I am so happy with all the products. I have been using the whitening cream (intensive) on my dark spots of my face twice a day for about two weeks and I can see them fading. I also feel the acne scars I have as a teenager are also going away. I have been getting compliments on my skin which is so strange to hear because I really did not think people could notice a big change. I keep hearing how my skin is glowing:lol:. I have converded a few people to using The History of Whoo and they seem to all love it. One think I would like to try is their BB cream, I love Skin 79's BB creams. I just got a sample of the one by H of Whoo and will try it this week. Has anyone tried this?
  6. I know exactly what you mean with being lucky in your teens and paying for it later - I just spent a horrible year battling adult acne and breaking out constantly, after never having had a pimple as a teenager :sad:. My skin tone has also suddenly become very uneven (when I tan I look like a Dalmatian now, but in much less cute...) - my derm told me this was due to sun damage I got in my childhood (at the time sun care wasn't such a hot topic...). My skin is finally more or less back to normal (except for the tone unevenness, not much I can do about that except try to tone it down a bit and try not to get too much sun in the summer - well, that and protection of course), and having discovered that I had food allergies and eliminating those from my intake have gone a long way in making it better, lol.

    But my skin remains very sensitive, and gone are the days when I could just slap whatever on my face and be ok (worse are foundations: many many that are gorgeous break me out, and my choices are limited here in what my skin will tolerate and be happy with).

    So it has become a difficult task to have properly hydrated skin at all times, without developing an oily t-zone or clogging my pores. AP has been a godsend for my skin! I don't think you will find the creme too rich - although it definitely would be right now. Actually, I spent all winter using it, and even supplementing it with the AP green tea treatment oil, and my skin had never been so happy - even breaking out, it had a glow (and I promise, it wasn't oil, lol). I fully intend to use the same combo this winter, probably from November onward. Depending on how fast fall comes, I may be using the creme as early October. Which brings me to a dilemma: I'm hitting pan on my gel creme, and should be purchasing a refill this week. But at $450 a pop, it kind of bothers me to spend that much, knowing that I probably won't finish it, and by next summer it may not be good anymore, having been open for so long... Any advice or idea on what I should do?

    Gilliana, I'm glad you found a Salux cloth on eBay, and I'm sure you will love it! Depending on where you are located though, I'm pretty sure you would be able to find it locally at a Japanese supermarket. It is also available online in the US. I'm totally looking forward to your review of the H of Whoo BB cream :smile:!!!! Well, that, and any other H of Whoo product you try and love!!!!
  7. I would love to get my hands on history of whoo products as I am a fan of all things korean where skin care and cosmetics are concerned. I love skin 79 Oriental BB cream (pink container). Anyone knows of a reliable site I can purchase the whoo range from?
  8. Ooh which History of Whoo BB are you trying? :smile:

    I just realized that I actually HAVE a History of Whoo BB cream - I just never made the connection because it was introduced to me by its Chinese name! The packaging is mostly in Korean, but there is a bit of English to indicate that it's the "Luxury BB SPF20 PA++". I like the color and consistency, and I do think it gives a subtle glow. It is a little bit rich for me, but I can see someone with drier skin really liking the moisturizing properties, though!

    My one peeve with this BB cream is that I had more SPF - my Sulwhasoo bb base has SPF 50!!
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    Neo, I'm sorry about your year of difficult skin! I had something similar a while back when I had a really stressful time at work, and it was just awful. Congrats on getting through the worst of it and finding ways to make things better going forward, though!! :smile:

    I've tried time response and moisture bound moisturizers, actually - the former is what im currently using up right now (it was a generous trial sample from the spa!) Ive enjoyed the time response but might stick to the moisture bound since I saw minimal difference - and it's something like 1/4 the price. Maybe with the savings, I can try the green tea serum?

    As for your dilemma - maybe you can see if a counter will give you a trial sized gel creme of you purchase a regular creme to use later in the season? I feel like when you're buying $300+ in one sitting, they're often more willing to be accommodating. I know BG also has a time response travel set GWP right now - I can't find the mailer so im not 100% sure what cremes are in it, but that might also be an option if you want a smaller size of the gel creme? :smile:
  10. Can you find samples of the product you want on EBay? I knw some department stores are generous with samples while others think one sample of anything is enough.

  11. Ain't that the truth???

    Someone could walk by & want to try something and a SA will give a sample

    in the meantime when a client who has made purchases always seems

    to have difficulty getting that extra sample..

    That's what they are there for... give them out to the repeat client..
  12. A friend of mine went to buy her first Jo Malone perfumes after trying mine and loving it. She bought two bottles and asked if she could get 4 samples of scents I told her to try To ask for things she would like and they would only give her one. It was the tiny spray sample. I thought here she is spending something like $225.00 and if they gave her samples of the other scents she probably would have bought them. Then she goes to LaMer counter and buys one product that was not very expensive and the lady gives her 6-7 samples and three were for the cream.

    Has anyone heard of Nexus Acne Pads by 3M company? They seem to be big in the Asian markets and have good reviews on makeup alley. I thought of buying them for my teenage daughter who only seems to get one or two pimples and most acne medicines wash dry out her whole face too much.
  13. Gilliana - Your poor friend! I can almost understand SAs being stingy with samples for people who look but don't buy - there are people out there who would take advantage of that, after all - but I really don't understand the reluctance to give samples to your actual customers who could then be tempted to buy more. At least she had a better experience at La Mer, though!

    Neo - I feel like the AP spa in SoHo is always sweet about samples (esp if you get a facial or make a purchase), and I've had good luck with the AP counter at Bergdorfs as well. Hopefully you find a nice SA who is willing to help! :smile:
  14. Thank you for the great suggestion Xoespresso!!!!! As a matter of facts, I have a facial scheduled at the AP Spa in Soho next week (I took advantage of the recent Gilt City offer), and I'll definitely ask for samples of the gel creme - hopefully they won't mind! Brilliant, thank you :smile:!!!!!

    And else, I'll have a look at eBay, I hadn't even thought of it, thank you for that Gilliana!

    For shame to those SAs who don't give samples, I agree, and I've had it happen to me too. I bought this huge bottle of ANR from Estée Lauder, and because I travel a lot for work, I asked if they could please give me a deluxe sample of it (it's like a mini bottle of ANR, super practical for travel, and I figured I could always replenish it from my larger bottle). The SA "helping" me was super snotty, and just said that she didn't have any, or if I wanted one I could just buy their special travel set which had it too. When I said that I wasn't interested in the other products, just in the ANR, she just said "well that's too bad then". I couldn't help myself and just answered "indeed, too bad for you, as you just lost a client" and left without buying from her, lol. I'm sure it didn't make a big difference in the bigger scheme of things, but at least she won't make a commission out of me! Like there aren't a gazillion of Estée Lauder counters around!

    Sometimes I just don't get it, how people treat others! :sad:

    Anyway, thank you so much for the kind suggestions Ladies, I really appreciate it :smile:
  15. I just received my History of Whoo oil cleansing blam this afternoon, and can't wait to try it out tonight :smile:!!!!!! I do wonder how much product to scoop out, but I'm sure I'll figure it out ;).

    I have to say that I did not expect it to be solid - for some reason, I imagined it to be a kind of thick creme/paste. I am very intrigued, and very excited to use it!

    ETA: I just went back to Gilliana's OP, and just saw that all this info was actually there, but for some reason I completely forgot about it!!!and now I know to use the same amount as 2 peas, thank you :smile: