The History of Whoo oil cleansing balm

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    Been hooked on Korean skin care for the past few months. Have been using Sulwhasoo foaming cleanser and their oil cleanser. Like them both but Never was a huge fan of oil cleansers. I then bought The History of Whoo oil balm cleanser which comes in a beautiful jar with a little plastic spatula. You only need about the size of two peas of cleanser and it is like a solid butter but melts upon contact with your skin. I love it, can remove all my makeup and leaves my skin feeling so soft. It sells for around $49.00 on some websites but I see it in eBay for $36.00 plus. I think the jar will last pretty long too. It also smells wonderful.
  2. It sounds lovely, thank you for the review! I'm using the Sulwhasoo cleansing oil at the moment, and may just pick up the History of Whoo oil balm when I finish my current bottle (it may be a while though, as I just got started on it, lol). Do you think the oil balm would work with a Clarisonic too (that's really important to me)?
  3. I use it with the Clarisonic with no problems. I lightly dampen the brush head. This balm feels so different from the sulwhasoo oil. Even though it turns into oil against your skin it is more like a soft cream oil feel where the sulwhasoo feels like a water oil. I use The history of Whoo Massage Mask and Nok Yong Pack with my Clarisonic which are both great products.
  4. I have been using many of the History of Whoo products for about 2 years


    My skin has never looked better & I think the products are superb... they

    are not all terribly expensive & they do what they say they do....

    The massage mask is fabulous.. sleep in it several nights a week and

    use the nok as well..

    have just tried the whoo ginseng oil which is far superior to the Sulwahsoo..
  5. Haven't tried the ginseng oil yet but I thought it probably would be better then Sulwhasoo since I am really feeling the Whoo products are better. I just ordered the Skin Brightening Wash and some other products from their whitening line. Their shampoo and hair rinse are really nice and I got the body lotion too. I have some samples of the shower oil that I haven't tried yet. My skin really looks fantastic since I have been using Korean skin products. I will never go back to American brands or things from the drugstore.
  6. The History of Whoo essential cleansing oil is fantastic..

    After using Sisley, Kanebo & La Mer these products do not compare to

    Histosry of Whoo... high performing line & my skin has never been better
  7. My skin looks fantastic too. I was standing in my bathroom after I washed my face and looking at it in the mirror with the light hitting my face I thought it really looked good without any makeup on. I also enjoy the ritual of sitting at my vanity and applying the different products balancing water, essence, lotions, ect.... I know most people would not go thought the steps that many Asian skin care routines have but I am quite impressed with the results and will never go back to a quick washing and putting moisturizer on my face. The mailman now laughs when I get my beauty packages from Korea and he has to have me sign for them. I had to explain to him what I was buying because I keep getting all these small packages that I buy from eBay.
  8. Thank you Gillianna, now I want the oil balm even more, and don't want to even finish my Sulwhasoo oil, lol!

    I have tried quite a few Sulwhasoo products, and while they were nice, I tend to prefer Amore Pacific - or rather, my skin does. It's just sooo expensive :sad:. I found the AP Green Tea Treatment oil fantastic last winter, and it has truly made a huge difference in my skin - not just how it looks, but texture wise.

    I also tried all the layering of products technique, but it seemed to be a bit too much for my skin, so I remain a wash, serum, and moisturize person, lol. But I agree with both of you: after having used Korean skin care, there just is no going back!

    And now I'm off to ebay to try to find the oil balm - $36 would be awesome! Would you recommend any particular vendor?

    Again, thank you so much for all the info, and sorry for my late reply.
  9. I buy most of my products from EBay by the seller Smile-spoon. She is in Korea and has good prices. Shipping is super quick too. If you are looking for a product she does not have in her store email her since she seems to rotate products sometimes. I am really hooked on the oil balm cleanser and doubt if I could ever go back to the regular oil ones but I would like to try the History of Whoo oil cleanser too because it sounds o great. It would make a good gift for my sister who loves the Sulwhasoo oil cleanser I bought her. She did not like the foam cleanser. I think if people in the US had access to try Korean brands at stores here they would switch to them since no Previous products I have ever tried improved my skin so much. I can say my skin glows from within.
  10. ^I agree with you... whatever technology Whoo uses the products do work

    and my skin glows & looks very healthy..
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    Thank you so much!!! I got so excited last night that I ordered before seeing your answer - from a seller called kgoodshop. There were only 2 sellers with the oil balm available, and this one had the best price ($40), so I just went for it. Now of course I kind of regret it, but it's ok, I'll just hope they ship quickly too!

    Anyway, I figure that the longer it takes for me to get it, the better the chances for me to actually make a reasonable dent in my Sulwhasoo oil - once I get the History of Whoo, I guess I will only want to use that ;)

    But I'll definitely be using your seller from now on, she sounds great!

    Oh, and I also tried both the Sulwhasoo and the Amore Pacific foaming cleansers, and didn't like either. I liked the AP cleansing oil well enough (my skin was VERY happy with it), but I just found the floral scent too strong and overwhelming - not unpleasant, but too perfumy and not something I associated with a cleanser.
  12. You will be happy with the Whoo....
  13. The packaging for the Whoo balm cleanser is so beautiful. My daughter saw it on my vanity and was like "what is this" thinking I would give her the jar. I told her when it is empty it is hers. I have used other sellers on Ebay for Korean skin products and everyone was wonderful. I never had a bad experience. Some were quite generous with samples which made me buy these products.

    I find that the more I take care of my skin the more I notice that others don't. I am not being picky but it amazes me that so many of my friends still do not beieve in using sun lotion on their faces or body. All want to get a dark tan. I think I am the only one with pale skin. Since I have been using the Korean products I do feel my skin has lightened up or it glows. I find my spots getting lighter. Of course I lived in Florida for 25+ years and even with sun lotion and hats I know I still have sun damage to my skin. But it is not something I notice compaired to so many others. I just don't get the whole fry your skin thing. Maybe because I have seen my friend's older parents with skin cancer scares, ect.... in Florida along with people looking like alligator skin that I am so careful.

    I also just bought some Korean washcloths from Ebay (super cheap). Wow do those things scrub your skin..... They come in different colors depending on the scrub level from soft to rough and some are square where you can put a bar of soap inside them. I am now addicted to this and a great lotion after the shower. It does take some getting used to because I doubt many people scrub their skin this way. I know you can probably get the same results with a dry loofa (spelling?) but I like siome great goats milk soap and these washcloths when I take a shower.

    I wish we had a Korean market here because I would love to see all the great things they would sell. They seem to take skin care as a serious business starting at a young age which only improves as one grows.

    My sister and her friend are going to the Armore Pacific Spa in Soho, NY for a spa day. I am sure they will have a great time. I looked the spa up online and it really looked very tranquil and beautiful.:smile:
  14. I had a facial from a Korean lady in Vegas. She told me when you go to a Korean spa for a body scrub, they spend a whole hour scrubbing your skin. I was like huh? She said your skin is baby soft after that scrub. I would so love to try it. I guess Korean women are really into body scrubbing!
  15. The cleansing balm sounds like a really interesting product! I've started branching out from Japanese skincare to Korean skincare in the last year or two - I've tried Sulwhasoo and AmorePacific, but not History of Whoo... Am definitely going to put this brand on my must-try list :smile:

    Our of curiosity, do you know what skin type the cleansing balm is aimed toward? My one gripe with Korean skin care brands in the past is that a lot of them seem focused on dryer skin, and I'm combination/oily which doesn't always work well with richer products >.<

    The washcloths sound so interesting - do you just search "Korean washcloths" on eBay to find them? I'm intrigued by the idea of the built-in soap holder piece... :smile:

    And your sister and friend will have a lovely time at the AmorePacific spa! The service and treatments are great, and the atmosphere is beyond zen. They're also quite generous with samples at the end, too :smile: