The History of the Red Sole

  1. A few weeks ago I watched this very interesting piece on Christian Louboutin and shoes in general.

    It turns out that his idea for the red sole came from his assistant who was painting her nails with CHANEL nail colour. He took the nail polish and tried the color on the sole of one his shoes, and thus the red sole was born.

    So the question is which one of the Chanel nail colors match the shoe sole color? :smile:

    Another interesting piece of information I learned about his shoes, was that some of his platforms contained another platform inside so the curve of the feet was less steep.
  2. I would guess marilyn? It looks the closest... I also heard that Louboutin was inspired to make shoes from red soles because he saw a 'perfect', well-dressed woman, but she had on dirty shoes with filthy soles...
  3. That's very interesting as well! On the show they were interviewing the man himself about his ideas, so I wish the whole interview is one youtube somewhere. The show was a style report from Stacy London on TLC talking about shoes.
  4. that's so interesting!
  5. Oh that is so interesting, I am going to go investigate to see if I can find the clip. Thanks for sharing!
  6. I watched that show and it was awesome. I thought it was great how they showed the making of the ferragamo shoe too. Really gives you a good appreciation of why we pay so much. I can't remember who it was now, but the person painting their nails was someone big, wish I could remember who
  7. Very interesting, thanks for sharing!
  8. Very interesting. I have always been so intriqued with Louboutin shoes, I have the shoes so beautiful. If only I can muster enough will power to withstand the pain and getting used to hight heeled shoes... :sad:
  9. Hey the show is on again right now!
  10. interesting, When is this show gonna be on again? ^^
  11. It's called Fashion Fanatics and it comes on TLC every once in a while. I lost my DVRed one when I had to get another box and it came on this past week! :biggrin: I love Stacy and I like what Christian Louboutin did with the "hidden platform". I always thought they would be too high in stature for me, but now I see how it works. I'm now thinking about buying some as a gift for myself after completing a goal.
  12. :tup:do it do it
  13. I saw that too, I was surprised, I had always assumed that it was a sort of light-hearted homage to the ancient South Asian custom of decorating the soles of the feet red.

    And I still suspect that subconsciously, it was...
  14. thanks for posting! i cannot wait to share my new loubou knowledge!