The hippest family

  1. Singers Gavin Rossdale, 41, and Gwen Stefani, 37, enjoy time at a Hollywood park on Saturday. Kingston James McGregor, 13 months, played in the dirt (and ate a little -- Gwen had to wipe his mouth), went on the slide after dad showed him what to do, and ran around the baseball diamond with Gavin.
  2. aw her son has such a cute little face!
  3. What a gorgeous family.
  4. They are a cute family.
  5. she has been 37 for the longest time:confused1: but hey she could pass for 27 so what am i complaing about?

    cute baby, and lovin his boots.
  6. They all look very well.
  7. Nothing better than a happy and healthy little child
  8. great pics! :tup:
  9. Their son looks like both of them...cute family!!
  10. Awww..What a cute family!
  11. Definately a cutie, mini Gavin.
  12. Adorable! Why do all 3 of them have different last names?
  13. They are so cute!!! And Gavin is HOT HOT HOT!!!:heart::drool:
  14. Was wondering the same thing? :confused1: OT, I'm really liking the name Kingston..
  15. ^Kingstons last name is Rossdale. His full name is Kingston James McGregor Rossdale. He is soo cute!