The "Hip"

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  1. Was in Bal store in South Coast Plaza Wednesday and saw a little handbag that was bigger than a make up (not much bigger) with a long strap. The salesgal said it was called the Hip. It was adorable! Would make a very nice evening bag. Smaller than the First. She said it was a brand new item.
  2. Do you mean this one? So cute!!

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  3. very cute bag!
  4. Oh wow! I love it! :biggrin:

    The past couple of days I've been looking at small bags with a crossbody strap for summer. I was going to go with a Rebecca Minkoff Rocker... BUT, this is adorable!
  5. I wonder if it's the same size as a Shoulder - but with a long strap ... definitely useful! :yahoo:
  6. Is 'the Ticket' the name for the NM LE with long strap? Just wondering since I hadn't heard that name before :smile:
  7. it is small and cute!! which are the dimesions?? it looks quite similar to the shoulder as size.
  8. It's slightly bigger then the make up or shoulder.
  9. I can't wait to see it!! The Shoulder is a bit too small for me.

  10. Yesterday a girl told me she have seen hip with gold hardware in German.
  11. Adorable, I love it!
  12. I've been waiting for this style bag from Bal for ages. Trying to think of what colour I should get.
  13. THe Ticket and the Hip are two very different bags. The Hip is like the shoulder with a longer strap to carry crossbody. The Ticket is a clutch. The Ticket can be seen on look under collections, bags, it's picture 33. It doesnt' look anything like the Hip. Hope this helps!