the hills

  1. :tender: just was watching the hills on mtv and lauren has a balenciaga first at her boyfriend's bday dinner..haha im a dork
  2. no worries. I saw that too last week and looked to see if anyone else posted something about it. LOL
    Do you like you magenta First? Do you think it is too small or just right?
  3. :oh:
    are you a rocky horror fan by any chance?
  4. i saw it too! and she was carrying a lilac city (i think) on one of the first episodes... couldnt decide if it was lilac 06 or fake... not a good closeup
  5. i thought it look like a fake, maybe?
  6. I wondered if it was fake too. I was hoping they'd hold the shot a little longer so I'd have enough time to really check it out, but no such luck.
  7. lol... now i feel like i need to watch for it. damn... i cant watch that show with a fine tooth comb again! its too fluffy!
  8. Hahha I feel the same way! Some chic my BF went to school with is on it (some girl named Landon who works in the Bolthouse offices) but I can't bring myself to watch it carefully enough to see her! HAs anyone seen her??
  9. i did see that girl, but she was only on screen for about 2.5 seconds she's brent bolthouse's assistant-she introduced herself to dumb ***** heidi and that was the max of her screen time lol.
    and i posted a reply in the devil wears prada thread about laurens bbag! it was cute, although it could have been a fake looking at the hardware on it..
  10. i LOVE my magenta first..i think it's great and can actually fit more than i thought it could without it looking overstuffed, i use it day and night :smile:
  11. haha HUUUUUUGE rocky horror fan! haha barely anyone makes that connection :P
  12. The one she was wearing at the b-day party looked like a Rose First. What did y'all think?

    Actually I just went and looked at the swatches and I'm leaning towards Bubblegum ... I don't think it was as dark as the 2004 Rose (which is what I meant by Rose above). It also didn't look as pale as the Pale Rose to me.
  13. hahaha thanks hotpink! my BF didn't like that girl anyway!
  14. agree