The Hills

  1. Did Anyone Watch "The Hills" Tonight (Wed. Night)? I Loved It!!! I Think It's Better (Or Shall I Different) Than Laguna Beach. The Previews Look Really Good!
  2. When I was in the States last summer, I became completely obsessed with Laguna Beach. I felt a little silly, as I am sure the show is for teenagers, and I am 32...but I LOVE it!!
  3. Yes, I'm ashamed to say! I like it so far, can you believe her roommate Heidi?..I think that's her name. Lauren JUST got the job at Teen Vogue? or some top teen mag. and gets assigned to the big publicity party and Heidi wants to crash the party with her dopey friends?! Now Lauren is in trouble with the boss because dinkbat Heidi had some blow up with her dopey boyfriend!!

    AnneMerrick don't feel bad, I'm 44!....I think I'm trying to relive my twenties or something?!
  4. AnneMerrick don't feel bad, I'm 44!....I think I'm trying to relive my twenties or something?![/quote]

    Yes, apparently I am still a teen at heart!!! And some of those girls with their puchases....if I had pulled out my dad's credit card and charged a $600 pair of shoes....I don't think I would be typing here right now!!!
  5. I want to see it but I have to ask BF to Tivo it until I could go to his house and watch it. I have basic cable so that's no help.
  6. I'm SO bummed! My arse is stuck in bed and I've been looking forward to this premiere and somehow missed it!!!!!!!!

    Oh well, MTv will over-rerun it I guess anyways! LOL!
  7. arrrgggg! its not on mtv canada yet!!! hopefully soon...
  8. :yes: I'm two years older than you and have to confess to an obsession w/ laguna as well!!

    I can't believe I forgot to watch yesterday! But fortunately MTV reruns everything over and over -- I can't wait to catch up:roflmfao:
  9. I loved it! Lauren was my favorite character on Laguna Beach and I'm so happy she has a show all to herself. However I could not understand why she let her friends into that party! HELLO! I'm sure it was all done for reason of the plot and drama though.
  10. Oh, I totally forgot about that! I'll catch it some other time though!
  11. If it was real life then Lauren would have been fired at the party! How many interns on their first big assignment would be kept on if they let 4 friends crash a party and sit in the VIP area that was supposed to be supervised?
  12. MTV is definitely one of my guilty pleasures. :biggrin:
  13. I loved this show! I can't believe she let Heidi in, I bet it was staged like nikki said, though.
  14. The show will be re-ran today, on MTV. It's scheduled at 3:00 p.m. PT.
  15. I was addicted to Laguna Beach and of course, eagerly awaited the premiere of The Hills. I couldn't believe how dumb Lauren was, from her interview with Teen Vogue (every other word was "like" plus her answers weren't very well prepared) to her behavior at the party. It has to be scripted because nobody is that dumb (except maybe Heidi)! I especially loved Heidi's college interview!

    P.S. I'm 45 (ancient) and I still watch these shows. I'm glad you all get it because my friends think I'm nuts!