The hills show on MTV

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  1. Hi-does anyone watch that show? do you notice the chanel bag heidi has? what is the name of it and where can I find it? need a pic please!
  2. i believe its the grand shopping tote in black with silver hardware.. heidi having it on the hills is one of the reasons the thing sold out everywhere.
  3. It's the Grand Shopper Tote (GST) in black. It looks like gold hardware to me but I could be wrong.
  4. That's it...GST...My mom just bought it with the gold hardware (in Miami) and the SA told us the same thing, theres a huge waiting list for it and it's hard to get ( I guess she just liked us though, cause she got it for us from somewhere else). They had it in the store (Bal Harbour) in a tan almost butterscotch color, really pretty, but mom wanted black...Good Luck!!!
  5. So what is the style that Jason got Lauren?
  6. medallion tote
  7. i could be wrong...but I could have sworn I saw Heidi a couple of times last season
    :graucho: w/ a Mono LV Mizi!! Yep, I'm sure of it! Truthfully, I only really started liking her ONLY because she was carrying that FAB BAG!
  8. :roflmfao: prob bc that's the only think worth liking about her
  9. hahaa Mick, i agree, def the only thing to like about her is her taste in bags!
    seeing her gst is why I want one as well!
  10. Heidi's has gold hardware
  11. hahaha i think she's pretty and has a cute personality, but i want to slap her upside the head for staying with Spencer... and then steal all her clothes and bags
  12. No kidding - Spencer is such a loser!
    I wish I could steal their clothes and bags too... I swear my IQ drops 10 points every time I watch the show, but I totally love their outfits!
  13. Ditto- Heidi is not so bright when it comes to men. Sorry I am off task, but had to voice my opinion.:yucky:
  14. Last season, Heidi carried a Mono Speedy 25.
  15. this topic is asked about every week now, so I'll close this as its a duplicate adn it's now been answered.
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