The Hills..Lauren & Lo Nailpolish

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  1. Ok, I'm searching for a photo of the color, but hopefully someone else has seen the episode too.

    Its when lauren is getting ready for her date with doug, and she has on a really pretty color of burgandy red nailpolish, she is in her bathroom and Lo comes in with the same color on her nails, and she is holding the bottle of polish in her hands...

    I can't tell by looking at the bottle... Anyone else seen that episode?
  2. I know which episode your talking about, but unfortunately I'm not sure what color/brand she uses... :shrugs:
  3. I noticed that and it looked like Lo was holding a bottle of Essie polish, but I have no idea the exact color.
  4. I think I saw two bottles of nail polish in that episode... I thought one bottle looked like an Essie and the other was a MAC. Both polishes were red.
  5. Zoya did a collection of polishes for the Hills show that are named for each of the girls.

    Maybe it was one of those colors?

    I have LC, Whitney, Elodi, Lo, and Audrina and I like the colors for summer.

    I kinda wasn't sure if I wanted to get them because I am not a fan of the Hills and actually despise it, but got them anyway because the colors were pretty. :roflmfao:

    Here are all the colors:

  6. ^^^ I never knew this, I love the audrina and whitney and lo shades!

    I've seen Lo with a red bottle of MAC polish in one of the last episodes from last season
  7. I love the "LO" shade..
  8. I thought It looked like an Essie bottle too, but It almost looked like it had a label on it. It was such a pretty shade of red.