"The Hills'" Lauren..I want her bag..what is it?

  1. Does anyone know the designer of the black purse that L.C./Lauren is wearing on "The Hills"? I don't know if this question has been asked as I am new to the site.

    Hope someone can help me
  2. i think it's a chanel...
  3. Why do you think it's Chanel? I don't see a logo on it....it is a black hobo with some tassels on either side...

    Anyone else know if it's a Chanel?
  4. maybe i am thinking of another bag she had...i saw the episode of her carrying a big black quilted bag so i figured it was a chanel shopper.
  5. Juicy couture - Bianca tote. It was on the Bloomingdale's website a couple of weeks back.
    You are awesome!!!
  7. You're welcome. Good luck in finding it.
  8. I believe it chanel medallion tote, a pic from eBay[​IMG]
  9. She has both the juicy bag and chanel.
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