The HILLS - Heidi got BOOBS!!


    for anyone who watches this show and watched the live after show of the second season final, you know that Heidi wasn't there. Well according to the link above, it states above that she wasn't there because "Heidi simply had other plans that day—namely getting breast implants at the office of Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan, an augmentation she'd reportedly been plotting for some time."

    Oh and the show is coming back for a third season!!

    The second link says she is an aspiring singer.............oh brother!
  2. oh dear....heidi is such a beautiful girl (if a really bad decision-marker...). i hope she's happy with her results.
  3. So THAT'S why she wasn't there! I was thinking she and Lauren weren't friends anymore :rolleyes: Can't wait to see the new her.
  4. She looks gorgeous!
  5. ummmm, I guess as long as she is happy
  6. ahh, I wouldn't be surprised if her bf Spencer was the one who talked her into it. Anyways, can't wait til season 3! I was SERIOUSLY ADDICTED to this show. :blush:
  7. ^^That's the first thing that came to my mind too! Spencer is such a slime-ball. I'm sure he talked her into it. :yucky:
  8. I want to see picture's!!!
  9. i most certinaly agree with you :yes:
  10. yeah if anyone sees pics, please post them here so we can check them out. I'm dying to see if she got gigantico boobs or reg size ones!!
  11. Good for her! I love The Hills
  12. Ugh. Can´t understand why would someone looking like that want to change anything.
  13. I really hope she got regular sized one's. She tiny and big boobs would just look horrible!
  14. What Heidi should have spent her money on was a therapist who could tell her to dump Spencer....and maybe a person to teacher her better posture. The boob job was asthetically unnessary but perhaps it was mentally necessary!
  15. I so agree with you!! I loved that she was petite and thought she looked just fine..I can just hear slimball Spencer saying "Oh Princess Heidi REALLY wants bigger tataas doesn't she?" UGH. Whatever floats her boat I guess..I think Lauren and Whitney rock and wish Heidi would dump the veneer king:wlae: .