The Hills - Halloween Pics

  1. [​IMG]



  2. That's pretty cool make up!
  3. can't believe they got them all in the same room. cool make-up.
  4. hmmm...

    is this a promo or something or was it photoshopped??

    That face Lauren is giving is really creepy!
  5. Gah! Scary!!
  6. It is a promo actually! :yes:
  7. ^ interesting!
  8. looks creepy!
  9. I don't particularly like the show but I wonder how they get along when Heidi comes to the photo shoots?
  10. I don't see makeup. j/k
  11. Ew! They look hideous! But cool. Thanks for posting!
  12. it looks like the photos were taken previously and then just photoshopped with the makeup for the promo.
  13. ^ Yeah because it really REALLY looks photoshopped.

    Blegh, they look so creepy.
  14. LOL
  15. i agree! especially the rips in their clothes