The Hills Bracelet

  1. Hi everyone!

    If anyone watched The Hills on Monday - WOW! :wtf: This is going to be a great season!

    Anyways, does anyone know anything about the Chanel cuff bracelet Whitney was wearing at one point? It was black with the Chanel CC in white. I'm not a big jewelry girl, but it was really cute and simple.

  2. darn, i missed it...didn't know it was starting monday:crybaby:
  3. I saw the bracelet that you're talking about, and I think its an older style. One of the members here actually has it in her avatar, its really cute. I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful, maybe one of the other members will help! :yes:
  4. IIRC, south is the tPF member who possesses said bracelet. It is quite the stunner but I believe it's older as well.
  5. I knew I had seen it somewhere and that's exactly where I had seen it!! Sad it's an older style, it's really cute and something I could actually see myself wearing! Anyone know where I could find that?

  6. It was 150 it came in black with white letters, or white with black letters. Don't know if any are still available they came out around Aug/Sept 2006. Good Luck!
  7. Here I am! Is this what you are looking for?
  8. I wish i watched it.
  9. South! I totally thought of you when I saw it on whitney! lol.
  10. i want a bracelet like that too !

    my friend has a smaller version in pink with white c's
    i hope they make another one coming soon !
  11. south- love that bracelet!, is beautiful... huh?, I used to own it and sold it a few months i wish I still have it :crybaby:
  12. `I can't believe I missed it too!

    South I love you bracelet, it's really cute!
  13. does anyone have a pic?
  14. its in south's avatar !
  15. Yeah i saw this bracelet about a year or so ago and was looking for one for myself too but they were already out of it. Its the one south has as her avatar. It's TDF. I really hope they release again in the future or something. The only place you might be able to find it is on eBay, i've seen one or two floating around on there before. But beware of fakes. There are quite a few of those.