The Hills and Chanel

  1. um. does anyone think that these girls need to get new bags or is it just me? i enjoy seeing the gst and medallion tote, but don't you think its time to see a new bag? how many outfits can you wear with one bag and how long can you wear one bag non stop? did anyone notice that heidi and her gst go EVERYWHERE?? :nuts:

    just thought i would throw this out there. i think lc needs to rock a cabas-leather. and heidi needs a new bag. any suggestions?
  2. I think Hedi needs a new bag and the Louie she carries on the show, she actually had the purse on laguna beach when she was on there.....I think LC would look great with any bag...But, Hell Spencer bought heidi boobs and a big diamond seems like he could buy her a new purse!!! LOL. So ready for august the 15th when hills starts back up...
  3. hopefully we'll see something new with the season premiere coming up soon!

    BTW - premiere is August 13th at 10PM!
  4. I love the fact that they wear their two bags everywhere! I have only one Chanel bag and the girls sort of "inspire" me not to buy anymore (not that I don't want to...I just really have to save the money). I love seeing their bags being worn with different outfits!

    BTW, LC has more than one Chanel bag. She has at least two others but she wears her Medallion Tote the most!
  5. I just wish they would get new guys, Jason was a loser, Brody was a loser, Spencer is the king of losers! Sorry OT, but the guys bother me way worse than the bags!
  6. Heidi now has a cerf tote.....she totally copied me!:supacool:
  7. i heard they hate each other!!! in a magazine, heidi said shes not talking to LC at all. i wonder how long ago the show is shot.
  8. me, too! it's not a bad thing that they don't always have new bags. actually, i think it's kind of refreshing.
  9. She was classier with the GST. Now she's quite trashy and fake and carrying the Cerf. She needs to stick with LV I think.
  10. if you noticed in the first season when she was gettng tickets for the jennifer nicolson show she had a red chanel bag ; diamond stich i think

    and ive seen a couple more in pictures
  11. Must be nice though to be so young, hot and have really nice i'm not bitter:sad:
  12. they began filming in May I believe. They said it would be the first season shot over the summer.
  13. hell i think its nice to see that some people dont have 50 million chanels just because their parents are rich. i mean even tho if i could id have way more than i do!
  14. It's because Heidi's an idiot and chose Spencer over LC (I can't stand that guy, and Heidi's an idiot for liking him.. he's not even hot!).

    I'm on Team LC all the way!

  15. He's not hot!!! His face looks like a skeleton. Are they engaged?