The Hills 3/13 - Lo's speedy?

  1. Did anyone catch the Hills tonight? What speedy was Lo wearing? I watched it at and the quality wasn't the best so I couldn't tell the details of the bag.

    it looked like LV damier or mini lin speedy to me :smile:

    i'm hoping it's the 2nd just so that it gets some exposure ;)
  2. OK I just watched the episode online and you're right, it's really dark and hard to tell what Speedy it was. My first thought though was that it's the Mini Lin. Sorry I wasn't more help!
  3. EPISODE REPLAYING ON MTV RIGHT NOW (1:16am about 1/2 way through that part HAS NOT HAPPENED YET!!) watch it on real tv and then maybe you can tell

    i dont even know what mini lin is so i cant help! :smile:
  4. It's at the very end of the episode when they leave the Sushi Cafe. I'm no expert, but i thought it looked like a black epi speedy. I definitely don't think it was damier.
  5. ^^Ack! I only watched the episode until the New Year's Eve outing. I didn't think Lo came on again after that. Now I'll have to go watch it again...
  6. i also think its the mini lin speedy... hard to tell...:s
  7. Lo was on the Hills?? what is she up to?
  8. I thought it was the black epi speedy.
  9. I just watched a rerun of this episode and now I'm 99.9% sure it's the Damier Speedy. You can see the pattern pretty clearly when the speedy's sitting beside her at the club on New Year's Eve.
  10. Yes, it is definitely the Damier speedy!
  11. It's the Damier Speedy. I'm guessing it's a 30. It's def. not a 25.
  12. I looked like Mini Lin to me, but at some point it looked sorta shiny!? Maybe an Epi or something! I was surprised to see it!
  13. Forsure it was the epi speedy 30! I was looking at her bag everytime lo had the bag out. forsure it wasnt Damier or the mini lin. Also, I was asking myself the very same question as to what kind of speedy it was. It all gave away when she left the restuarant. the epi speedys are very structured... just like her epi speedy
  14. You're right! It DID look pretty structured, not at all saggy!
  15. i didnt' catch the episode but i wanted to add my 2 cents about the speedy in the mini lin.

    I saw someone using the mini lin speedy, mini lin is so soft and doesn't hold shape well at all, the speedy sagged so terribly it barely looked like a speedy. :sad:

    on,there's the speedy in epi in white..
    would epi hold the shape a lot better?

    what's a good size to get the speedy? 25? 30?