The Highrise?

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  1. I haven't seen many of these new bags revealed. Do you guys like it? I saw them in the store the other day in the ivory and it was really pretty. Would love to see mod shots if anyone has any!

    Ooops meant to post this in the general section, not the Clubhouse!
  2. Perfect size imo. Ordered bar stripe and love it ! Like to wear it on longest length, wish it was a tad longer but it is very easy to get in and out of. Will definitely order another. The ivory caught my eye too, but I have bags that are similar color . Still I do think it is a beauty !

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  3. I saw your mod shot and LOVE this! I can't find it on the Coach site or the Macy's site though. What is the # of it?
  4. This is gorgeous! I am very tempted by this bag.
  5. Me too!
  6. K coach, Were you able to find 30355 it on the other site ? I wish Coach would sell the same bags everywhere.
    I love the one mrop has in the vachetta , it's on the U.K . site as well.
  7. 30355
    It really surprised me by the size. I love the medium borough's very much but the mini is too small on me imo, so this was a better choice.
    :smile: Thanks, I wanna see which one you pick !
  8. I love my highrise! I haven't carried it yet bc I'm still chicken about ruining the vachetta. It is sooooo light in color and I want it to get darker and worn in so I guess I need to hurry up and carry it! :smile: worried about denim transfer. Eeek! Here's my beauty.. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396017204.684447.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396017221.946952.jpg
    Also should add this is one of the lightest weight purses I have ever owned! It's awesome!
  9. Could you fit a regular size ipad or a magazine in here? Thanks!
  10. JAX had both the barstripe and the vachetta but wouldn't honor PCE on either. Macy's has black and ivory on their website and will order either for me for 25/20 off. I need to go look at them again in the boutique and decide if I want to jump on it. I'm too terrified of the vachetta but am considering ivory!
  11. This is the prettiest one in my opinion!

  12. Wow! Great deal! I love the pebbled leather but I'm not a big fan of the black or ivory. I'd love a brith color!! The macys deal is GREAT! I don't have macys card so I was thrilled that I was able to get 25% off with PCE when I called JAX! They didn't even question it. I also ordered the bar stripe but I wasn't a fan so I sent it back. It's gorgeous but I'm trying to stay away from gold hardware!

  13. I have an ipad mini and it fits with it's case with plenty of room to spare. A magazine won't fit well as the dimensions of the bag are almost identical to a sheet of regular paper! 8.5 x 11. So a magazine would be a right squeeze I think!
  14. I really love your vachetta!

  15. Thank you!! You should get one! I wish the strap could be just a tad longer, as I have a long torso so it's a little short when worn crossbody. Of course, this baby bump doesn't help matters as far as that goes! ;) I think I'm going to just dive in and carry her! I think it will look good worn in! I'm just nervous about dirt and transfer. Hmm but if I protect it with spray or conditioner, I think it will prevent it fr wearing in. What to do... What to do..