The highest heels you've ever worn?

  1. I didn't find any topic like this but feel free to let me know if there already is! :smile:

    What are the highest heels you've ever worn? (or you have in your closet)
    I loooove the ultra-high-heels, here where I live just isn't any! So probably my Barbara Bui pumps, which I got for my graduation party, with 13,5cm (around 5½ inches?) heels are the highest... I love them as well as my 4½ inch Louboutin Madison boots :love::girlsigh:

    So please let me know your experiences and if you have any, put pics too! :yes:
  2. probably my 4 1/2 CLs or kors - must say kors are sooo much more comfy
  3. I have some almost 5 inches but they're platforms (yeah, I cheat!). I like platforms b/c I can wear the high heels w/o breaking my ankles.
  4. Probably like 7", but I wore them to a party in a club with a fetishy outfit. And I fell on my ass at least four times. Got rid of those shoes.
  5. 4.5 inch CLs
  6. 5 inches with no platform--so my foot was arched at a very painful angle. Don't wear those too often!!
  7. It's so sexy to see ladies wear these high heels and I think to myself "how can they walk around in them?" A question for you, how long can you manage to wear them each time, walking in them (not just sitting at work)? For me, I think I can last 1 hour - LOL!
  8. 8 inches but they too are platform, They are YSL
  9. Six inch platform lace-up knee high boots. They were white and I wore them for my wedding. Since my dress was floor-length they weren't visible, but I loved having something on that wasn't straight-laced conservative. That, and my dh is 6'8" while I am 5'2", so I needed all the height I could get!

    And even though they were platformed, most of my toes were still numb by the end of the night.
  10. Wow. I've got nothing on all of you. My highest has been 3 inches.
    Any more than that=me not walking.
  11. 5in with a 3/4in platform.
  12. It really is much more uncomfortable to walk in shoes with no platform! But as my CLs don't have any and I still walk around in them (and I've walked in this kind of shoes for the last 3 years) my feet can't actually feel anything :lol: I keep thinking when will my feet fall off if I keep walking in high heels everywhere :wtf::p
  13. 4 1/2 inches with platform
  14. 6 inches!
    Goodness this is crazy!
  15. 7 inch platform type (stripper shoes)