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  1. I was looking at a friend's Birkin today, and I noticed that the stamp on hers was a bit different others I've seen. What should a real Hermes stamp on a Birkin or a Kelly look like, up close? Any authentic pics would be great!

  2. That's what I thought it looked like. My friend's looks a little different. I'm starting to wonder if she has a fake. It looks great, but it just might be a fake...
  3. Changing the font/size/placement of letters or something similar is one thing, but sometimes small variations in appearance may be caused by the texture of the leather.
  4. There has also been a very very slight change in the Hermes stamp font beginning with last year (J bags)-the font is slightly more wide and block-y (if that makes sense).
  5. ^^I've noticed that too, orchids!
  6. ^^^...interesting:idea:
  7. i took a nice close up shot of my stamp (i call it the money shot :smile: ) and i would post it but i don't know how to watermark it :blush: so someone won't use it to sell a fake!

    if someone could do it for me, i'd email him/her the pic! :smile:
  8. Wow, Orchids & Gina, I'm impressed. I'm going to go look at all my bags to compare to my "J" bag.
  9. Pigleto, you can download a program called umark lite, it's free and easy. If that fails, I'd be happy to watermark it for you.
  10. Yep, I already posted pics in the thread titled "Hermes throughout the ages" in the Hermes reference library. Just look for pics of the strap hardware and you will notice a change in the font. At the time, it was a new phenomenon and just posted the pics without referring to the change in font because I didn't want to post any clues to the fakers. Both bags were purchased a month apart. Interestingly, the old font was found on the newer bag.
  11. Nice HG! Didn't want to post pix for the same reason; Bruins think alike eh?Noticed it when I got my Vert Anis last year.
  12. the umark thingy is easy! here's the stamp shot :biggrin:

    o well, i'll get better at it eventually. doesn't help that i'm nearly asleep :blush:
    money shot.jpg
  13. is the stamp suppossed to be on the right or left flap of a birkin or kelly? I've noticed most are on the right flap.
  14. One of my birkin stamps is not alligned with the hardware. Its an A square stamp. Isit normal??
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