Scarves The Hermès Spring Summer 2018 Scarves

  1. Is it time to think of Spring 2018 scarves?

    Eagerly anticipating what spring will bring. Hopefully, we'll see the Parures de Samouraïs in CSGM!

    Please share your discoveries and treasures here. :heart:
  2. I was just wondering when this thread would begin over the weekend! I have no information but would love to read if someone else has any tidbits
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  3. No real intel apart from a promising "the next collection will blow your mind" (and wallet?) statement from the silk manager in London's NBS. She did hint that Ugo Gattoni would be back though and for me that's something worth waiting for.
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  4. Okay, so the SA I spoke to wasn't too excited about the current season (AW17/18), in his opinion there were too many strange CWs and too many designs that seem a bit alike, it apparently was a challenge to choose the scarves. But he was VERY excited about the new season (this was about 2 months ago, just after Podium), that they had to keep editing because there were just too many options.
    Only little intel I have on one scarf in particular: the new Ugo Gattoni! :happydance:
    He described it as some kind of parade down a street, very beautiful. It's a 90cm silk for the women's collection. And one of the CWs will be black&white!

    Very excited for the new season! Hope others have more info!
  5. The Hermes official Instagram account posted a silk featuring a big cat asleep surrounded by blue feathers sometime last week. I had never seen that scarf in any of the current or past collections and silly me didn't take a snapshot. It was deleted within a few hours, which meant that it wasn't for the public eyes yet! My guess is that it's a 90cm silk.
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  6. Ooh, looking forward to the Ugo Gattoni scarf including the black-and-white cw! I wonder what the theme will be for 2018?

    Thank you @Lostinlondon and @Angelian for sharing your intel with us! :heart:
  7. Hoping for the cat to reappear! ;)
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  8. I am excited about next season too!!:happydance:I can't wait to hear more intel and hopefully soon pictures!!!:flowers:
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  9. Ahhh too bad you didn't take a snapshot! Did you like what you saw? Could you link it to a certain designer?
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  10. No intel from me other than the collection will start arriving in late December/ January. Can't wait to see photos and info start trickling in
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  11. I'm going to be stalking this thread :nuts::yahoo:
  12. Love3 Ugo gattoni! And hope PdS CSGM will make its debut in the next season. Will post if I find anything, cant for next season!
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  13. Whoohoo!! Thanks litchi for starting this thread. The pennies are put aside already as I pray to the H gods for the same. It would make a magnificent CSGM.
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  14. I miss Uno :sad:
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  15. YES§I saw this post too.
    It was gone very quickly
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