The Hermès Spring 2018 Scarves

  1. Here you are, fifi! I think this would work well with your coloring. It's a bit outside my usual scarf palette but the store didn't have much to choose from and I didn't want to miss out. My magenta top isn't a great choice but hope this helps!

    IMG_1515864085.261522.jpg IMG_1515864095.191240.jpg IMG_1515864105.059778.jpg IMG_1515864116.128207.jpg IMG_1515864126.996300.jpg IMG_1515864141.548852.jpg
  2. Orange sky
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  3. +1
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  4. Thank you so much, dear! I SO appreciate your post! It is spectacular! I hope they can bring it to my Hermes store. I so wish to own either CW of this scarf but want to make the right choice. This CW seems more sophisticated and subdued whereas the orange sky looks more edgy and dynamic. You have been so helpful!
  5. Yes, this is one of the reasons that I’m so drawn to orange sky: because it’s Ugo Gattoni’s fav and was chosen for the Christmas card. I hope that I can try both on before I decide but form the looks of my H store, this may be unlikely.
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  7. Thank you so much! I also had not considered it until I saw @Pirula’s pics. It is an amazing design
  8. Ok, my two cents on this is basically to NOT let go of the Samourais. It is spectacular and I think that you would regret it. The three blue scarves that you mention each have a completely look and feel so there’s no duplication factor at all here. The Grand Prix, even though a similar CW, could not be more different in style, feel and vibe than Samourais
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  9. Ohh, lucky you - the PdS in that cw is one I'm still regretting *not* buying! :sad:
    May I ask where you bought it, as I thought it was long gone by now!

    Re the purple Gattoni: it is stunning! If you like cw 08 of PdS I think you'll like this one too.
    I received mine a few days ago but have not been able to try it on due to our new and very(!) curious kitten :love:
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  10. Do you live near a boutique? I picked up that blue one myself recently. They may do a charge send for you. No harm in asking an SA to do a search (give them the reference number).
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  11. I bought the PdS CW 04 from Copenhagen store. It was my bday, no new scarves in yet and I didn't want to leave without one. Plus I really do like this CW 04. SA told me, that it is ok to exachage it, when the spring scarves come in. So I have kept the PdS in the orange box last two weeks waiting. But I got to try both JQ and Grand Prix a week ago at the airport store, still I kept the PdS.
    Fifi, That's how I feel as well, difficult to decide though. But PdS is just gorgeous. If the Gattoni was now Hippopolis, this would honestly drive me or my wallet crazy.
  12. I like the orange. Even though I typically avoid blue + orange combo like the plague (strongly reminds me of the colors of a school i didn't like), I think by itself it's more striking.
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  13. Hhhaaha! I know what you mean about “school color” memories! And, yes, it is striking! Most vivid orange I’ve ever seen!
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  14. Love that guideline for picking color ways. I will keep that in mind :smile:
  15. Thank you everyone for your opinions, they are highly valued.
    I wish, I could get you all to the store with me IRL but virtually here helps a lot. Other silkies are the only ones to understand a decision problem:heart:
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