The Hermès Spring 2018 Scarves

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  1. Yes, I understand your description lanit. I’ve gone back to look at your IG picture several times and agree that it’s amazing on you. That orange sky is so incredibly vibrant and so is the blue. I have a feeling that this CW will work beautifully on me as well. We shall see. Thank you so much for your description and opinion. I so appreciate it!
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  2. Thank you, dear! Hermés has a short trajectory in our city but never has the arrival of styles been as slow as this season. And I’ve noticed that their choice of silk cws is very scant and haphazard. Also, their local customer service has declined, but that’s another story.
  3. It is split in the middle (left/right side having different patterns). However, the pattern with the horses has slightly different colours back/front. The back has a dark blue part which the front don't have.
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  4. woo, both are really nice. However I am still waiting for the grand prix au faubourg, hope you can show me the tied photos.
  5. Merci
    Helped a lot
  6. I have tryed CW 08 and it was really good CW, very fresh and bright but also soft and would go to most people.
    My problem is, to keep this PdS or to exchange it to Grand Prix?
    I already have two PdS CW 01 and CW 08. I really like this CW 04 a lot but I have Napoleon, Paperolles and Cle des champs in lighter blue already.
    So the purple Gattoni or orange sky would be an option.
    Big print is better for me and classic scarves tend to look better.
    I still have 2 weeks time to decide.
    I am not sure, what to do?
  7. What a great scarf, your pictures completely reveal it to me! Thank you. I was not interested at first look but the way you tie it show the lovely contrast of the geometric part and the drawing. I have to see it in IRL now.
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  8. Bellissimo!!
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  9. there were 2 of GP 04 and purple, 04 didn't work for me because of green and pinky red, but i see the colours you wear and i bet you'll rock it!
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  10. I purchased CW10 (the purple one) and posted mod pics here: :biggrin:
  11. Send that blue PdS to me.
    Right away, please. :biggrin:
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  13. CW8 is also on the front of my Christmas card from H and looks wonderful to me and the one I'd pick for you, however I always try not to get any cw I like less than my very favourite, a second should only be if I can't decide or has a completely different feel about it. I think cw8 is also the most different to the lilac/purple too.
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  14. I actually returned CW4 for a moussie upgrade (Iris). I had CW2 already that I had no doubts about but didn't need 2 paler PdS. I knew straight away I'd made a mistake but If you're still having doubts I'd swap. Don't keep just because it's a desirable design in fashion terms make it work for YOU.
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  15. :yes: you look fantastic in it even though you have very different colouring to Fifi, you both have a very strong, dramatic look
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