The Hermès Spring 2018 Scarves

  1. Hi Fifi, I’ve seen these CWs IRL. Both are beautiful of course, but my preference goes to the first CW, 04. They used some gorgeous and unusual colours for that one that really pop, I particularly loved the peachy colour (not the right description but can’t come up with a more fitting one) and the colour of the hem is fantastic! In my opinion, these fun colours go really well with Ugo’s whimsical design.
    Good luck deciding, looking forward to more pics from you! :flowers:
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  2. Wow! I haven't seen that one yet!! Even DH nodded in approval. :biggrin:
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  3. Thank you for your much valued opinion and input, Angelian! I so appreciate it. And, even though the H stock picture quality is so poor, I could tell that I would love the peachy salmon of the first one, as you stated. Are you interested in purchasing any CW of this design? I wonder which would be a better choice for me. I would hate to go with whichever comes in first and making a mistake since I plan to purchase only one CW.
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  4. It is gorgeous, lanit! And you wear it so well! I am torn between CW8 and CW4. Did you get a chance to see both before making your decision? If so, how would you describe each?
  5. Love the different ways you’ve tied this fifi!
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  6. First visit to H since the new year and I brought these two home:

    IMG_1515809726.403044.jpg IMG_1515809737.337902.jpg

    The borders are the same color!
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  7. I was drawn to the all-blue cw and cw 08. What swayed me was the bit of balance of other colours, like cream, with the blues in cw08 (I already have a handful of mostly blue scarves!). That and the fact that Ugo Gattoni said 08 was his favourite H cw for this design. :cool:
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  8. Aha! I didn’t know this about Ugo Gattoni! Definitely an important fact to consider! And CW8 was the one chosen for the Christmas cards, right? That orange sky is amazing! Dying to see them all IRL
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  9. Surely your SA can hold onto both cw's 04 and 08 for you to try at the same time. :amuse:
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  10. Gorgeous choices! I am happy to be twins with you in the JQ, which was my first purchase for the SS2018 season. Would you be so kind and post some pics of the Grand Prix lying flat and some meddling pics as well. I am trying to decide between your CW4 and CW8 in this design.
  11. I doubt it. My local Hermes is being super weird this season and styles are trickling in way too slowly. I’m getting impatient and looking to order elsewhere.
  12. You can’t go wrong with either CW, but the blue truly stole my heart. I never got to compare with the pink/coral, but I have no regrets.
  13. Yes! :tup:
  14. I did wonder why scarves and shawls are slow to come into H boutiques. I was thinking shouldn't we have had a lot of reveals by now? Maybe many are still finalising their wishlists.

    Wishing you H magic that the scarves you're waiting for arrive at the same time, fifi!
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  15. Fifi, I have not tried on the lilac, nor colorway 04. But i felt an affinity for 08 even thpugh I have UGs Les Bains mens silk last season in the aqua blue. The orange sky just really popped on me and both t8mes I tried it on my outifts were different and the SAs all complimented me on its suitabilty, my work is with a lot of architects and designers and this version seems to feel more architectural if that helps. It is a really fun silk design, lots of energy and whimsical! Look forward to your decision!
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