The Hermes report from Vegas

  1. As far as sightings on people, I have only seen two bags. A 30cm Black Togo Birkin and an Orange 30cm Birkin. There are tons and tons of people here but most are wearing LV/Chanel.

    I've been carrying my Rouge Garance here and I had my first noticable reaction. I was at the chocolate shop in Bellagio and I noticed this whole table of couples in their late twenties look at me and point. I was thinking, "Is there something on my face? Do I have toilet paper on my shoe?" :lol:
    Than I hear one of them say, "That's an Hermes Birkin." and I could hear the girls educating their boyfriends on the bag & the cost etc.
    When I walked closer they stopped me and asked me if they could take my picture because they loved the bag. LOL. I said, "Sure why not??!"

    I haven't bought anything Hermes yet, but they have lots of Kellys here (NO BIRKINS) as I reported in the inventory thread. The SA brought out a 32cm Fuschia Ostrich (I'm def. NOT an Ostrich girl but it is very pretty) with Palladium, a Brighton Blue Kelly in Palladium, and there were also two Orange Kellys (28cm, 32cm) and a Black Kelly with lighter stitching and palladium. Nothing in gold hardware. I looked at two mini Croc Jiges--one was in Fuschia and the other Braise. GORGEOUS!!!! They had a Rouge Garance Birkin that sold immediately last week. I also looked at the leather books and got a great idea of how the colors show up in the different leathers. I didn't check prices except for the jiges ($5k). I'll check in there later to see if anything came in today.

    I have to say the highlight of my trip so far was Fred Leighton. I tried on a 10.5 carat Cushion cut Diamond with a micro-set halo. It was $400,000. I was surprised at the price because it showed a bit greyish in color. But nonetheless, it was neat to see such an antique cut style since all the cushions I set for clients are generally the modern cut.
  2. Is the fuchsia ostrich Kelly 32 a rigide or souple kelly?:flowers:
  3. pretty sure it was rigide. I think it's still there too, though not sure.
  4. We miss you Japster! Glad you are having some fun there!!! I love the Bellagio- especially the restaurants there! Hope you continue having some fun and maybe bring home a little somethin somthin from Hermes!
  5. Dang it, if it were one size down (and in plastic) I would take it ...
  6. Thanks my Semitic Sister! I will probably pick up a lock but I got some great pieces at St. John and I think my dh would would ship me off to an island if I bought anymore bags too soon. LOL. We ate at Olives (next to Hermes) and it was PHENOMENAL. So amazing.

    I had a nice time buying my daughters stuff at FAO Schwartz and I also got them matching ballerina costumes.
  7. OMG, Japster.....Brighton Blue Kelly? Must be gorgeous.....

    Hope you're having some FUN! Sounds like it though with Fred Leighton! Did you go into the Manolo store? I tried on every shoe I could when I was there.....most of their samples where in my size so I had a blast without having to ask for anything!!!!!
  8. Japster! I love how the people wanted your picture - that's so cute! Love the report - have fun and a safe trip home!
  9. Love Olives! Especially if you eat on the patio! So romantic! Sounds like you are having a blast! And don't fret if you strike out at Hermes, we will make up for it in Chicago!!!:graucho:
  10. Thanks for the report Japster! Hope you are having fun!!! I'm sad about the "no gold hardware", feel like my impossible dream just got even more impossible with no gold anywhere. :sweatdrop:
  11. Japster, are you going to try to make it to the LV Gathering in December? it would be so fun!
  12. Sounds awesome, Japster! Enjoy your stay in LV!
  13. I love gold hardwares, but it seems that silver hardware is more popular so most stores go with silver hardware. One of these days I'd love to have a fuchsia goatskin leather good (bag or small goods) with gold hardware, I think that combo will be stunning and different from the typical fuchsia goatskin with silver hardware.
  14. I hope so Kou! It should be a blast!

    I hear ya Crochetbella! I'm a huge fan of gold hardware, it's on both of my Kellys. All of the Kellys here at the store were rigide too. It was interesting.
  15. I actually didn't like the Brighton Blue as much. It was sort of "blah" , dark and lifeless which I'm sure was due to the leather (which I can't remember the name- no grain very plasticy). I much prefer the sapphire coloring.

    Didn't get to Manolo yet but did have a nice time a Jimmy Choo. It was hard to leave without anything.