The Hermes quorum

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  1. Everyone's excited about the upcoming Shoe Forum, and no one wants to put additional pressure on Vlad...but let's just show our interest in this thread for an Hermes subforum. Post here if it's something you'd read daily.

    Somehow talking about Birkins over the last few days has made me examine all of the Hermes line more closely...and I'm quite sure I'll never buy a Kate Spade again. Crazy, huh? I'm all about the Constance now.
  2. Hey. I'm definitely in. I love the new Hermes thread you started and it would be great to have someplace where all the threads were together and easily accessible. I'm interested!
  3. I'm definitely down for an Hermes subforum or even just an Hermes lovers thread. The Birkin club thread has been one of my favorites of late and I'd love to see it expand. You definitely can't go back once you go Hermes, totally agree!
  4. Me too! :smile:
  5. Oh Yeah! Here's another vote!
  6. haha, count me in~~~
  7. Sounds great- I've been enjoying the Birkin thread and learning more.
  8. :shame: Can I vote twice?

    (sorry, ducking...)
  9. Count me in too!
  10. Sounds good. The Birkin thread is the main one I've been reading these past few days.
  11. I'll always love that red Kelly that Kate Hudson carried in that movie "Le Divorce". Does anyone remember that bag?
    I would like Hermes, too.
  12. I'm in! Even though it's more wishful thinking. Haha.
  13. Why not? Count me in!:biggrin:
  14. Hear Hear, me too! :smile:
  15. coco-nut, i can tell that you're an hermes fanatic. first the hermes look out thread, now the subforum. you're kicking it up a notch, aren't u? hehehehe... but yeah, my hands and feet up for this forum... heheheh...