The Hermes London List 2010 Thread

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  1. Hello everyone! I'm really desperate for any information! Right now, I do have a way of getting bags but it requires a heft premium (which I've mentioned a few times in different threads)... since I don't have an urge to walkout with my bag, I really just want to know when to get ready to run to the store! Help!!! lol
  2. actually, I was wondering if there was some current information... usually its much easier but this year it seems like everyone is super hush hush about the day!
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    I don't quite understand what you mean by being "hush hush about the day"? Do you mean delivery times or the wait list? My understanding is that there are no fixed times per se, hence, noone can really share this information, but you can try asking the store(s) directly...or maybe someone else can help you here? I always thought London was somewhat like most Asian countries where it's quite difficult to score a birkin (waitlist or otherwise), well then again, I may be wrong.

    Also, information in the reading room is quite current...not backdated...

  4. Before, if you were a regular they were far more helpful but this year... the SA's were just a bit dismissive and not very nice to be honest! They are just not willing to assist with anything and the general attitude of the SA's is really changing. Even with other items (non-Birkins) they aren't being very nice... I've been personally to every story in London looking for some riding boots and thought that being a regular would help but even then... too much attitude lol... I've been looking about anyone with information regarding the waiting lists in London... because someone has got to have info... I see hundreds of Birkins per sq metre here! To be honest, if they refuse to help... I'm flying out to Spain next week where the list is in fact open! =)
  5. I have posted on your other thread but with regard to you specific enquiry about the London List, traditionally it opens sometime in March. They are really quiet about the dates untill they get the nod from head office mainly to avoid huge queues as is always the case. This is the podium list so you have to be prepared to be offered only what the Store Managers have purchased for their store which isn't already allocated to clients so it's not just a case of lining up and putting your name down for say a 35cm Black togo etc as the bag may have already been allocated before you get to your turn. Hope this helps.
  6. The list is opening soon
  7. Is the list opening soon??
    I thought it is normally March in London (January/February in Paris - last year January, this year February)
    Please correct me if I am wrong. ;)
  8. The Store Managers have just bought their stock and are coming back from Paris now - they know what they have in stock for the coming year - so the list will open soon (feb/mar).
  9. Thanks for the clarification, Nikrib !
    So could it be February???
    I thought it is always March - around the end of March....
  10. I hope some kind soul will post the date when they open the list.

    My sis is in london till mar and i so hope that i can get a birkin.
    And she got a taste of bad SA as well.
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