The Hermes forum needs a new description!

  1. The standard forum description (Forum devoted to Hermes handbags and accessories) is boring and... standard. Let's freshen things up a bit. I am generally very uncreative, help me out ladies.

    Post your suggested Hermes forum description in this thread, the winner will have the honors of flying her/his colors up high permanently on tPF.

    Keep it to two sentences max, make it fun and descriptive.

    Ready.... GO! :nuts:
  2. Let me start with how I truely feel about Hermes products. (Don't laugh. I really mean what I say. Look what I have accumulated in my walk-in closet since I learned about Hermes since late 2006.)

    Hermes Collection - The ultimate, ever-lasting addiction.
  3. It should say "Orange zone - enter at your own peril"
  4. A place to discuss your dreams and your addictions!!
  5. "Peek inside the Orange Box......"
  6. shallow obsessing fanatically practiced.
  7. Danger, Orange may cause American Express bills to spontaneously combust
  8. The Hermes Forum--Pandora's Orange Box!
  9. "Come on over to the Orange side...Only your wallet will regret it"
  10. I'm going to play off some cheesy Air Force commercials from a few yrs ago....


  11. This is GREAT!
  12. You like what I liked 5 years ago.
  13. Hermes is healthier than smoking yet just as expensive.
  14. Elizabeth :roflmfao:

    Hermes & Spatzle...A killer combination.
  15. Ahhhhhhh best of both worlds! Future meets will be at R :smile: