THE HERMES EUROCOPTER EC 135....Yes, an H helicopter

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  1. In the Amex Centurion Member Black Ink "The One of a Kind Issue"....filled with gifts like The Penthouse at THE MARK in NYC $60 million, a wedding on an Airbus 360 for 500 of your closest friends, :confused1::confused1:price upon request, etc......comes the above mentioned helicopter with soundproofing, one of a kind this and that,. blah blah blah But what I know will perk all of your ears:

    Such bespoke additions might include crocodile or red leather upholstery and an assortment of colors for the stitching.....:nuts::nuts::nuts:

    I scanned it, but do not know how to compress it so that I can get it on here!

    Price tag starts at $8 million.....
  2. I understand that Hermes has created a new department for bespoke such as interiors for cars, boats and yes, helicopters.
  3. Yes, but they are making the ENTIRE helicopter, not just the interior, hence the 8 mm price tag!

  4. I think it is the EC 135 right? Oh yea duh that's the heading. Whoops
  5. Hahaha..
    guess I know what Victoria Beckhams wish for her next birthday is.:idea:
  6. :supacool::supacool: I want a ride :lol::lol:
  7. It was posted in Sybarites Oct 07 issue but with only leather interior. Still online to see.