The Hermes Coin Purse ?!?

  1. I found this picture in the one of the thread and got really interested ...

    Is it a coin purse, and if it is, how much do you have to give for this stylish little beauty ...

    I hope that i can the information, since it is my birthday soon!!! :nuts:
    Billede 1.jpg
  2. I "think" around $300-400 ..
  3. Totally not worth it for the price IMO.
    BTW, welcome to TPF habib. It'll change your life.:yahoo:
  4. Yeah.. coin purses are not my thing.. For that money, I'd prefer a nice enamel bracelet or scarf.:smile:
  5. i got exactly the same for my vert anis is very nice but i bit of wasted that i have my dogon wallett i dot use it as a coin purse,but i use to keep my jewelleries in during work-out!mine costs 150GBP.
  6. I got one a month ago in gold Togo with white stitching. The design is remarkable and reminiscent of Japanese Origami. This item is actually one piece of leather which you can lay flat to its side when open and empty. I think the design is ingenious. The Gold Togo looks great with palladium closure. I like laying it over my book bag in toile.
  7. I have an Apple coin purse from Hermes and I think it's really cute :shame: I don't remember how much I paid for it anymore but maybe you can check out their fruit coin purse and see if you like them ;)
  8. I LOVE those fruit coin purses!!! I saw a red capsicum in a H catalogue - Ahhhhhh!!!!! LOVE IT!!