THE Hermes Birkin

Noriko said:
Bad karma????:cry:

:P ..that's just me though! Whenever I feel like I over indulged myself, which is okay once in awhile....but too excessively, I feel like something bad is going to happen to me or the people I love. Like God, (if you believe) is punishing me for indulging in material things.
:lol: well, I suppose. I do believe in God, but I'd like to think that He'd want me to have a little fun too...can you tell I haven't regularly gone to chuch since I was a child? ;) I think as long as you're a good person and not hurting anyone with your spending, its all good!
Constance is the best picture poster!

I agree that the silver birkin wouldn't be the one I'd choose. Everything else is beautiful, though I think I might even be happy with the plainest leather in a birkin, as long as it was a great colour (see, I'm not at all picky!).

It's great to have threads on the different Hermes bag styles. What a good idea, Constance!

1) 35cm Cocoan Croc (photo: ebay - nyfashionexpert)


2) 30cm Orange Croc (Photo: ebay - nyfashionexpert)

3) 30cm Graphite Croc (photo: ebay - nyfashionexpert)

4) 30cm Rouge VIF croc (photo: ebay - nyfashionexpert)

Fabulous croc birkins!!!